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Best Friends Make the Best Memories
30 May 2017EXPERIENCEBY SweetEscape

The best way to get to know someone is to travel with them. To find a friend who has similar travel style to yours isn't easy, but when you do, you'll find the best kind of friendship and you can call yourself, hashtag blessed. Dave Hendrik is one blessed one, for he not only found one travel companion, but eleven! Read his story about how he made London memorable with his group of friends.

“Have you heard the phrase “It’s not about where you go but who you’re travel with”? I personally really agree with that. I went to London for the very first time. Needless to say, I was estatic! I loved the city but I was more grateful to be able to experience the beautiful city with my best friends.

Traveling with best friends is actually a great experience and totally has brought our relationship to the next level. I spent a lot of time with them outside their comfort zones and that actually allowed me to get to know them better. When pressure arised in random situations, I realized just how easy it was for people to show their true colors, like their excessive grouchiness or their inability to compromise. There were times when things got tough, but isn't that what life is really all about? There are good times and then there are bad times. Having friends who love you enough to accept you just the way you are - excessive grouchiness and inability to compromise and all - makes the journey worthwhile.

At the start of the trip, we vowed to walk over all the bridges there were in London. The moment we stepped off the very last bridge was the most memorable for me. We were all exhausted but we were happy and proud of ourselves at the same time. And I'm especially glad that SweetEscape was there to freeze those memorable moments in photographs (which turned out fantastic, by the way!) As I look back on them, I am reminded of our amazing friendship and the incredible times we shared.”

-Dave Hendrik, a Lucky Friend