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From College Sweethearts to Happily Ever After
18 May 2017EXPERIENCEBY SweetEscape

We know the term “high school sweethearts” and “college sweethearts”. Even some says that it’s like the dream come true when you marry your high school or college sweetheart. Meet Shamsul Ahmad, a happily married man who told us about his love of how this girl he knew from high school made him fall in love with her and how after three amazing kids later, they’re celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary back in their first honeymoon destination: Bali.

*“I met my wife, Maizan, in high school and knew each other through badminton. We were good friends back then. I didn’t expect that we both went to UK to continue our studies. We got closer and started dating. She is beautiful, of course, but beyond that, she has a big sincere heart and she’s pretty straightforward – which I like. I dreamed of a life of love with her and as soon as we started to date, it seemed my dreams were coming true. So, after five years of dating, I finally popped the question. I was so nervous but I got this kind of feeling that she’s the one. *

I still couldn’t believe it when I said that we’ve been married for 16 years. Whenever I think of the past, it makes me realize how funny God works things out. I never thought I would marry my high school friend, my college sweetheart and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. We’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs together and I am so grateful that whatever may come, I knew I had my best friend to depend on.

I love my wife and we both love to travel. In general, we love to travel to islands. The laidback vibes give us the much-needed relaxation, leaving all the vibrancy of the bustling city behind. We’ve been to many islands, many beach towns, but this year, on our 16th anniversary, we wanted to make it special by having SweetEscape photographer to capture our moments in Bali.

I love taking photos when traveling with my family, but when we came back home, I found out that I wasn’t in any pictures because I was always behind the camera. With the help of a professional photographer from SweetEscape, I got to keep memories of our best moments in beautiful locations, in the form of beautifully taken photographs. I will definitely book another session for every anniversary trip or family trip in the future. I want to make my future memories with my wife as sweet as the memory of our college years.”

-Shamsul Ahmad, Forever Honeymoon Seeker

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