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Grown Up Family Vacation
15 May 2017EXPERIENCEBY SweetEscape

With more issues that possibly can affect the relationship between parents and their grown-up child, some adjustments are needed. This family found out that to stay connected with each other is to get away on a trip. Read how this family’s only child, a fine young man named Samuel, shared his story about the trip to Japan and how it affected his relationship with his parents.

“My parents have been my biggest influences and supporters since day one. They instilled in me the values of unconditional love and encouragement. Looking back throughout my life, I realize how blessed I’ve been. I know my parents are not perfect, but they love me no matter what. We’re very close to each other but as time continues to pass, I feel myself becoming busy with work. There were too many days when I wasn’t able to have dinner with my parents, or even just to see their faces. So vacation time becomes a chance to reconnect with my parents.

I knew that if it wasn’t for our quality time, I’d busy growing up and forget that my parents are also growing old. That’s why I wanted to make it more memorable by preserving the memories with SweetEscape. Our photographer’s friendly and very helpful. She knows everything about the city and about the best place to take pictures. The weather was so nice that day, but when we’re done taking pictures and separated with our photographer, heavy rain fell down for hours. Our photographer said we’re lucky, I said we’re blessed.

When I look at my vacation photos from SweetEscape, I remember how precious the moment where we’re enjoying each other’s company and talking about the future. But above all, I’m grateful for my wonderful parents.”

-Samuel Hendrawan, Grateful Son.

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