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Possibly the better city to be in to get stunning views of Manhattan than in Manhattan itself, Hoboken is definitely a fun city to be in with its many museums and restaurants for you to indulge in. Visit the Hoboken Historical Museum or Barsky Gallery if education is on top of your list during trips. Have a fun shopping trip with your kids at the weekly Hoboken Farmers’ Market where you’ll meet bakers, picklers, fruit and vegetable-growers and even cheese makers, a unique way to spend your money indeed! If you’re a fan of cooking shows, then of course you’ll know Hoboken is home to Carlo’s Bakery where you can sign up for lessons to bake your very own masterpiece of a cake or maybe even catch a glimpse of the big boss Buddy himself! Don’t forget to snap tons of pictures with the beautiful Manhattan skyline as your backdrop along the Hudson River as you dine on delicious Italian fare!