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Kawasaki is famous for its heavily industrialized waterfront. However, delve a bit further in to the suburbs and you will find gems. If you are familiar with Doraemon, you will find Fujiko F. Fujio Museum a treat. This fanciful art museum has a pretty extensive collection of Fujiko F. Fujio's work, including original artwork and various artwork on display. Fancy a Japanese art in a natural setting? Come to Nihon Minkaen Open Air Museum in the suburbs. The museum is home to preserved buildings from the Edo Period including traditional farmhouses, samurai houses, homes from fishing villages, a shrine and a kabuki stage. Some of the homes also present workshops of traditional handicrafts such as indigo dyeing, and cloth weaving. A variety of other cultural events and festivals, such as rice cake pounding, folk storytelling, traditional carpentry demonstrations, and lion dances are held occasionally during the year.