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Yokohama is the one of the first ports opened for trade during Japan's self isolation policy during the end of the Edo period, prompting its quick growth. The legacy can still be seen today: come to Minato Mirai, literally "future port", which is Yokohama's iconic skyline packed with office, entertainment, shopping and cultural area on Tokyo Bay. In Osanbashi Pier you can watch large cruise ships in awe. It's among the best spots to view Yokohama's skyline and port! Go and take a picture or two of the Nippon Maru. Built in 1930 in Kobe, this tall ship has logged enough kilometers to circle the world 45 times. Don't forget to pay a rite of passage to the centerpiece of Yokohama's skyline and Japan's tallest building excluding towers. Visit the Sky Garden observation deck on the 69th floor for 360° views of Yokohama and beyond.