What is SweetEscape Credit? Accordion
Nobody can tell the SweetEscape story better than our customers. SweetEscape Credit is a program to let you spread the love for SweetEscape to your friends and family. If all goes well and they book a SweetEscape session, you’ll get a reward - and so will they.
How do I activate my SweetEscape Credit?Accordion
Tell your friends how much you love SweetEscape by sharing a unique link with them. When they book their first session, you will receive your first $10 credit and your friend will also receive $10. It's a win-win.
Will I get rewarded for referring SweetEscape to friends?Accordion
Absolutely! We love anyone who spreads love for SweetEscape! When you refer us to your friends and encourage them to use our services, you will receive SweetEscape Credit!
How can I earn SweetEscape Credit?Accordion
Start earning your credits by sending your unique link to your friends. To find the link, go to the credit page. When your friends sign up using your unique link, they will receive $10 that can be used when they book a SweetEscape session, and in return, you'll receive $10 when your friends successfully book their session.
What can I use my SweetEscape Credit for?Accordion
SweetEscape credits can be accumulated, combined, and used to book a session or buy extra photos. They are basically a reward for you, but they are non-refundable and cannot be traded in for cash.
I invited a friend who already has a SweetEscape account but hasn’t book a session yet. Will she still receive $10 credit?Accordion
We appreciate you spreading the love to everyone. However, unfortunately, this offer is only applicable for new users who have not signed up at SweetEscape yet.
Can I use my SweetEscape Credit in conjunction with ongoing promotions on SweetEscape?Accordion
Yes, absolutely. Your credit can be used for purchasing on SweetEscape.
What happens when my friend cancels their booking?Accordion
You will receive SweetEscape credits when payments have been successfully made. When your friend books a session using your unique link but cancels purchase before making the payment, you will not receive $10 credit. Sorry about that.
I have a problem with my SweetEscape Credit. What should I do?Accordion
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.
Terms & ConditionsAccordion
  1. SweetEscape credits are not refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  2. Credits can be accumulated, combined, and used to purchase a session or extra photos.
  3. Credits are valid for use for a period of 1 (one) year after receipt. Check your credits and its expiry date in the credits dashboard in your account.
  4. Credits can be used in combination with ongoing offers and price promotions, but cannot be used to pay for additional fees incurred in sessions.
  5. Credits are tied to a single account and cannot be transferred to another account.
  6. SweetEscape reserves the right to remove abusers from our customer reward program and to cancel SweetEscape Customer Reward program at anytime. SweetEscape will, however, honor all credits earned until determined date and will notify customers in the program via email beforehand.
  7. SweetEscape reserves the right to make changes and/or adjustments to our terms & conditions and/or policy without the customers’ consents.