Get 20 Extra photos for BCA Solitaire & Prioritas Card Holders
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Redeem Your Extra Photos!
If you are a BCA PRIORITAS client, you are entitled to 20 EXTRA PHOTOS with every SweetEscape photo session purchased under the BCA promotion. Here’s how you can redeem your extra photos:

1. Insert your SweetEscape account email address.
2. Upload a photo of your BCA Prioritas Debit Card.

Terms & Condition apply
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1. Insert your SweetEscape account email address

2. Send us your BCA Prioritas Card Photos
All you need to do are:
1. Take photos of your BCA Prioritas Card
2. Upload and send to the attached email.
Terms & Conditions
1. This promotion is only valid for BCA Prioritas and Solitaire cardholders who have booked a SweetEscape sessions using BCA credit card promotion through the SweetEscape website and/or mobile apps.
2. Data submitted will be validated within 5 business days. The 20 extra photos will be added automatically to the eligible accounts.
3. SweetEscape and BCA will not violate any data submitted throught this landing page.
4. There will be no additional charge for 20 extra photos received through this promotion.
5. This promotion is valid until 31 Desember 2019.