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Reinaldo and Katherine's Perfect Parisian Proposal
07 Sep 2018KisahBY SweetEscape

Is there any better city than Paris to propose? Well, we’d like to believe that this city of love is definitely one of the top ranked destinations for everything romance-related. And Reinaldo, our client, agrees too.

Despite being famous as proposal destination, Katherine though, had no suspicion when she and Reinaldo went on their annual holiday trip. This lovely couple has always loved to travel, most often with their families too. How awesome is that right?

For this special Paris trip on Eid holiday, it was Reinaldo’s turn to join Katherine's family. Katherine had expected a fun family trip with them, but again, everyone involved was such a great secret-keeper that she didn’t look forward for something life-changing at all!

When we asked Reinaldo about why he particularly chose this time to pop the big question, he said that "Paris and romance go together flawlessly. Like champagne and oysters." For him, Paris has always been the destination for ultimate love profession, for passion and everything in between. He adores the beautiful moments, twinkling under the showers of night lights, the dreamy atmosphere, and breathtaking views of the poetic Eiffel tower.

Reinaldo had made it clear, the Eid holiday was going to be his chance to say “ I love you” to Katherine in front of her family. The fact that Katherine’s favorite childhood movie that quoted “Paris holds the the key to her heart”, only further confirmed his intention with the secret proposal.

Well, for Katherine, Paris or not, Reinaldo is the one true deal. “He makes me the happiest version of myself. He never fails to bring out the best in me," she told us. Needless to say, it all boiled down to the execution itself, Reinaldo got on one knee, handed out the beautiful ring, and popped out the one million dollar question. With shock and happiness still on her face, she said YES!

by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris
by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris

In our fair share of secret proposals all around the world, Katherine and Reinaldo’ was not just sweet but perfect too. Going on a dreamy holiday in the company of your loved ones, you can’t help but feel at ease, confident and joyful at the same time.

Still, proposing can still be a very big deal with nerve-wrecking emotions, which is why we encourage them to take all the time in the world, and leave the rest to us. “Working with SweetEscape has been wonderful. Not only are they so well connected all around the world, everything is so effectively and efficiently done too. No hassle, no rush!”, they both said.

by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris
by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris
by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris

We’re glad to say that it’s all part of being a professional holiday photography for SweetEscape. Sometimes it’s not just about having mad photography skills or the best camera gears. It’s always about honoring the moment, capturing the feelings and ultimately, making it lasts forever.

Congratulations again Katherine and Reinaldo! Thanks for sharing your story with SweetEscape.

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