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Your Next Vacation Destinations As Recommended by Heart Evangelista
26 Nov 2018KisahBY SweetEscape

You probably know her for her appearances on prestigious fashion shows or you've watched one of her TV flicks in the Philippines. Heart Evangelista is a celebrity, fashion icon, author, philanthropist, and artist with a jet set lifestyle that you could really recognize just by taking a scroll down her Instagram feed.

Despite her flight anxiety, as she mentioned on her recent blog post, this real "crazy rich Asian" flies to many countries in a year as part of her work, and of course, for leisure. Her travel photos alone could inspire you to work hard to be able to reach your dream destinations. But now that she's also into vlogging, you'll even be more motivated to hustle harder as she spills details of her travels.

In case you're wondering which cities and countries she enjoy the most, here are Heart's travel recommendations:

1. If you're looking for the best food, fly to Italy.

"Italy - hands down! I love all the quintessential Italian dishes like pasta, pizza, risotto, and of course, the gelato!" she shares. One of her best food memories in Italy was when she, together with her husband, Senator Chiz Escudero, and a couple of their friends rented a villa in Como where they learned how to cook classic Italian dishes with the help of Italian chefs. If you need a detailed review, check out her Florence and Milan vlog that'll surely make you book for a flight to Italy, STAT.

by Tigran for SweetEscape in Como
by Tigran for SweetEscape in Como
by Tigran for SweetEscape in Como

2. If you're a beach bum, visit the Philippines.

Bias aside, Heart swears by the pinkish-white sand beaches of Matnog, Sorsogon. We could tell she's set foot in luxurious islands and resorts, but it is Matnog's beaches that she recommends. She even describes it as "some kind of dreamland", where she could really feel at home.

3. If you are looking for a laidback but chic destination, Paris is for you.

Heart loves traveling to Paris because of its soul and spirit that reflect its architecture, culture, and people. Besides both the classic and new fashion boutiques lined up along Paris' streets, it is a city that she wished to visit in her childhood years — but now, she flies to Paris regularly, as we all see from her IG posts.

by Alina for SweetEscape in Paris
by Alina for SweetEscape in Paris
by Alina for SweetEscape in Paris
by Alina for SweetEscape in Paris

4. If you're down for exotic and unique adventures, book for a flight to Egypt or South Africa soon.

Like Heart, include Egypt and South Africa in your travel bucket list now because she believes these two have the most amazing landmarks, culture, and histories that set it apart from other tourist spots around the world.

Aside from traveling for leisure, Heart also loves flying to different major cities around the world including Paris and New York for the Fashion Week. Being a fashionista herself, she loves the fast-paced activities — shows, fittings, and events.

by Olga C for SweetEscape in Florence
by Wini for SweetEscape in New York

Join Heart in her fashion escapes in Paris through her youtube video here.

Having all these opportunities to fly from one country to another, you sure wouldn't miss taking selfies or candid photos, just as how Heart does. "I just love looking back at them and remembering everything about the photos - the time, place, people I was with, laughs that were shared, and so much more. Life is just so full of beautiful moments, why not make them last forever through photographs?" Heart expresses.

Save those priceless memories with SweetEscape, an online platform that lets you book for a professional photographer for your travels all around the world. Use the code FIRSTESCAPE on your first booking to get $50 USD off.

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