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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as A Mom
12 Feb 2020EXPERIENCEBY Cisca

Valentine’s day is coming and cupid is calling, is there anything more romantic than the month of February? We doubt it! We’re big fans of V-day and believe that it should not be limited to romantic couples only. Especially for moms aka the love-of-everyone’s-life, there is always a way to celebrate Valentine’s day as special as possible. If you’re stuck on ideas, allow us to delight you with some awesome plans below :

by Micah for SweetEscape in Bohol

Travel As a Family

You know what they say, travel is better than flowers for Valentine’s day! Just you, hubby and your kids for quality time in a new setting. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere far or exotic, going to nearby destinations can put a lot of things into perspective. You’ll get to unwind and spend 24/7 with the people you loved the most. Add in SweetEscape for a fun traveling photography session, it’s going to be the most memorable Valentine’s day for sure.

by Don for SweetEscape in Boracay

Staycation with Siblings

A quick staycation will do wonders to your soul! Birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s day can be the perfect reason to book a room or suite to enjoy your day to the fullest. Think of the king-sized plush bed, carpeted floor, large bathtub, room service and other amenities, you’ll soon thank us for this amazing idea. Better yet, bring along your siblings for a change. You can catch up and sip some wine from lounge feeling like royalties.

by Dewa for SweetEscape in Bali

Self-Pampering With BFFs

A whole day reserved for blissful pampering sessions, isn’t it just wonderful? Call up your besties and book yourselves some Valentine’s special treatments, from facial, spa & massage, manicure pedicure, and last but not least, a full hair blow-out. Don’t feel guilty leaving the little one behind for a couple of hours, all mommies deserve a little self-care to keep her glow ( and sanity) going.

by Adi S for SweetEscape in Bali

Mommies’ Day Out

Celebrate with other moms, that’s what we’re saying! The best part about motherhood is having comrades and fellow mommies who understand what you’re going through. She can be your carpool buddy, your kid’s bestie’s mommy, or even our own mom who deserves some mommy love on Valentine’s Day. Have a little fun hangout or high-tea, something that doesn’t involve playgrounds or schools for a nice change.

by Anass for SweetEscape in Marrakech

Home Sweet Home

We understand, moms can’t go far without their babies. If you decide to spend Valentine’s day at home with your spouse and kids, that’s totally understandable. You can always cook or order in, then enjoy quiet moments with the little one like any other day. Happiness is in the small daily things right? Just make sure to spare some romantic moments with daddy when the kids all tucked-in the bed. It’s Valentine's day afterall!

by David for SweetEscape in Manila

So mommies, don’t let the wonder of Valentine pass you by just because you’re married with kids. Use it as a time to reconnect with people you love, get out of your routine for a bit and have a very happy Valentine’s Day!