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Novel Coronavirus Outbreak: 4 Simple Tips to Travel & Stay Safe
05 Feb 2020EXPERIENCEBY Ezra

The current outbreak of the novel Coronavirus is taking the world by storm. Many people abandon their travel plans in fear of their safety, not just to Wuhan, China where the virus originated, but to many other travel destinations worldwide that have identified positive coronavirus patients declared. However, if you simply cannot cancel your travel plans, we have some simple tips for you to stay safe during your travels!


1. Wear Proper Safety Equipments

Surgical masks are proven to be a proper safety equipment to protect yourselves from virus outbreaks. They're affordable, comfortable to wear compared to the more expensive N95 masks and could be found easily anywhere, so get yours today! Wear them properly (with the blue side facing outside and the nose band pinching your nose) and you are good to continue your daily routines. If you're feeling unwell, promptly get proper medical attention.

by Ben for SweetEscape in Hangzhou
by Ben for SweetEscape in Hangzhou

2. Self-Hygiene!

Even without any viral outbreaks, it is good to always care for our personal hygiene. It is tempting to neglect simple hygiene routines such as taking shower twice a day or washing our hands when we're on vacation, but with the current happenings, do make some time to care for yourselves. Also, avoid going to the authenticly local wet markets when traveling for the time being. Better safe than sorry!

3. Eat Clean and Take Some Supplements

by Jeffrey for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

Local and exotic cuisines are always worth to try to experience your travel destinations to the fullest. We still encourage you to do so, but make sure that you're only eating in a clean establishments. Also, don't forget to take some vitamins, activated charcoal pills and supplements to pump up your antibody. A healthy body is always a good start to avoid getting infected by viruses or bacterias.

4. Heed Your Country's Travel Advice

by Michael for SweetEscape in Shanghai
by Michael for SweetEscape in Shanghai

Nowadays most countries in the world have a proper travel advice and warnings. Be a good citizen and heed these travel advices, for they're made for a good reason. If no one in your country–like Indonesia and Philippine–is declared as a coronavirus positive patient, be thankful, and why not travel domestically? Check out our cities page to find interesting domestic travel destinations to explore until it is safe to travel abroad again!

by Kevin for SweetEscape in Shanghai

Everyone in SweetEscape wishes all of you a safe travel! Remember, wherever you go, capture every moment of your life with SweetEscape's professional photography service that connects you to thousands of local professional photographers in 500+ cities worldwide. Book your session today and lets' #MakeLifeMemorable!