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A Simple Reminder on Love
07 Jun 2017EXPERIENCEBY SweetEscape

It’s hard to dismiss Olivia as just another top influencer in the social media. Starting out as a fashion blogger back in 2013, she is most lauded for bringing together a sense of elegant femininity and classic chic at the same time. Despite all those amazing achievements though, she admits to being just a regular girl who loves letting her hair down and let loose. Together with Mr. K - her endearing nickname for her husband, Kalvin - Olivia went on a tropical and casual summer love affair photo shoot in the one and only island of the Gods.

My world is so different from Kalvin’s. Being together as a couple, we learned that to support each other to pursue each other’s passion is important. We encourage each other daily, with our presence through each other’s ups and downs, and bring it up to our prayers.

We both love traveling and for me, no one else I’d rather travel with than him. This particular pre-wedding shot in Bali was a tiring one as it was shot under the scorching sun, but it’s not us if we don’t make the most of what they have. In spite of the weather and hectic schedule, there wasn’t a single moment where we didn’t laugh over each other’s antics.

It’s quite hard to tell which part of the photo session I loved the most. The whole trip is memorable and worthy, as are the results from SweetEscape’s team. Everytime I saw our pictures, as corny as it is, I smile. These pictures simply remind me why I fall in love with Kalvin at the first place.

-Olivia Lazuardy, the Loving Wife