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The Art of Being a Solivagant
06 Jun 2017EXPERIENCEBY SweetEscape

During her September New York trip, Elizabeth also shared with us her globetrotting experience and insight on travel companions. Speaking of travel companions, this trip was quite a significant one because it’s one of her few solo trips.

“I enjoy the company of others in my traveling adventure, but I also have come to love the idea of solo traveling. It took quite a few solo trips, but now I’m simply hooked. I learned that getting lost by yourself is a great way to reconnect with who you truly are. For me, solo traveling gives me a chance to be totally dependent on myself and more aware of my surroundings. It allows me the opportunity to be appreciate the moment while also learns the value of solitary. In fact, I urge everyone to at least take solo trip at least once in their lives.

*Initially, the New York trip was a short work trip but I didn’t miss up the chance and extended it a week longer to enjoy this bustling city to the fullest. On the last day of the trip, I took full advantage of the Big Apple by starting the day with a breakfast in the beautiful Bryant Park followed by a quick crash-course of American History in the Whitney Museum. Afterwards, I strolled around Chelsea and had lunch at an amazing local pizzeria. More culinary adventure ensued as I tried and tested more food at the Chelsea Market. My impulsive nerve drove myself randomly to Aladdin on Broadway and I was so lucky I got the front row seat to the show. *

It’s easy to tell that the trip is one of the best trips I had in my life. Everything went perfectly without any prior planning, and that gratifying pleasure was the result of my decisions and mine only. Such epic solo journey probably wouldn’t have been completed without some pictures to remember it by. That’s why I never pass up the chance of traveling photography, especially when I travel by myself.”

-Elizabeth Rahajeng, the Happy Solivagant