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What Type of Quarantine Escapist Are You?
15 Jun 2020EXPERIENCEBY Ezra

Do you realize that we've under quarantine for approximately almost 3 months? If you're anything like us here in SweetEscape, you'd initially be thankful for the opportunity to work from home, but as time drags on, different personas started to emerge from each one of us as each handle the quarantine situation differently.

by Kaharudin for SweetEscape in Bali
by Mike for SweetEscape in Bali

As we're nearing the end of this strange time and starting to prepare ourselves for a new normal in the world after the pandemic, we'd like to take a look at some of the characteristics of 'Quarantine Escapists' everywhere. There are at least 5 types of people during quarantine. The question is, which one are you?

1. The 'Missing-Travel-So-Badly' Type

The first type is the 'Missing Traveling So Badly' type, which is pretty much most of us here at SweetEscape! We pride ourselves in our connection to thousands of professional local photographers in 500+ cities around the world, so naturally we're always looking for the perfect photo spots and interesting things happening around the world. If you've found yourself day dreaming about traveling constantly, looking for travel inspirations frequently, did the #EscapeAtHome challenge by dressing up and posing as if you're on holiday, or have been using our SweetEscape Zoom Backgrounds for your online meetings, then you're this type!

by Dewa for SweetEscape in Bali

2. The 'What-Day-Is-It?' Type

The second type is the 'What Day Is It?' Type. You used to be a workaholic–and you still are, don't worry–but extended time at home and not meeting your officemates on a daily basis has had its effects: You started to lost track of date and time. Good side is, you dress as comfortably as you can at home (mostly in your pajamas), and you can effectively work from your bed all day. Our advice: Ask someone to remind you about the dates and time, so you don't unintentionally disturb others when they're trying to enjoy their weekends away from work just because you don't know what day it is!

by Adi S for SweetEscape in Bali

3. The 'Home-Industry' Type

Sure, the economy is in a bad shape right now because of the pandemic, but this doesn't stop you! You've started learning to cook more advanced recipes, brushing up your baking skills, or revisted that old arts and craft set you've put aside because your work before the pandemic didn't allow you to. Before long, you've started your own small business! Congratulations, you're the third type: The 'Home Industry' Escapist! Pro tip from us: Visual content is key for small business, as it generates more engagement and better sales! Consider asking FOTTO to help you create impactful photos and videos for your business today!

by Justin for SweetEscape in Manila
by Justin for SweetEscape in Manila

4. The 'Exercise-All-Day' Type

Staying at home doesn't mean you're eating all day and slouching on the couch watching Netflix. You've determined from the start that this is a good chance for you to slim down and tone up your body. Hence, you've started doing home exercise, joining on online yoga classes, and start eating healthy. If you're under this fourth type, the 'Exercise All Day' Type, you'd come back from the quarantine with better shape than most of your colleagues! Congratulations!

by Tommy for SweetEscape in Bali
by Tommy for SweetEscape in Bali

5. The 'Living-In-The-Moment' Type

When all of this started three months ago, you've decided that you won't let it bring your spirits down. You stay motivated while working at home, and one of the things you do to ensure that is by dressing appropriately and doing light make up every single day. You've also set aside your 'working room' where you can't be disturbed by your family members during your 'office hours'. Sure, you miss going outside, but you make the best out of your time at home, even celebrating the significantly more quality time you have with your family by doing SweetEscape's Terrace and Virtual Photo Shoot! If this is you, then you're our last Quarantine Escapist type: The Living In The Moment type.

by Lando for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Whichever type of a Quarantine Escapist you are, SweetEscape encourages you to enjoy every moment of your days under the quarantine. This won't last long, in fact, it is ending soon in a lot of countries, and in the future you'll look back to these moments and be thankful that you've been allowed to experience such an unprecedented time in our history, and live through it! Stay hopeful, stay safe and stay home for now. We're sure that soon, you can have your moments #CapturedPerfectly again, with SweetEscape!