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Plan Early: 5 Recommended Year-End Holiday Destinations!
24 Nov 2022EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

The Year-end in 2022 is coming closer and it’s an exciting one! Especially for a fellow escapist who is now able to explore the world with all of its beauties. With SweetEscape, as a photography service, you can capture every moment anytime and anywhere, which means your photographer does not need to travel because we will find your photographer based on the destination you are heading to, so there is no need to worry about the accommodation fee! Since we're aware that fellow escapists live in different parts of the world, you're bound to live in different weather, seasons, and cultures during this time of year. Luckily, it doesn't always have to be wintertime during the months of December and January. In fact, it can also be the opposite of winter in continents such as the Australian country-continent. Depending on where you live, and which kind of weather you prefer and can enjoy certain types of weather and customs you have never felt before. So, if you're looking for a nice change from your usual day-to-day weather and activities, we've got a list of 5 places for you to consider for your upcoming holiday!

1. If You Seek an All-In-One Destination: Tokyo, Japan

If you often dream of a place where you can have all sorts of weather (with a little bit of commuting), foods, cultural festivals, skiing, and other fun outdoor activities, look no further because Tokyo opens its arms out for you. Tokyo in December is cold and dry - the weather in Japan varies across the northern to southern prefectures. There’s no chance that you will run out of places to see along with their varied temperatures. Feel like chilling in cold but dry weather? Try out walking around the Shibuya Crossing, a popular boardwalk and a must-see landmark of the city for various different activities and fun entertainment. However, if you’re in the mood for winter, make your way to Shiga Kogen, Japan's largest ski area and one of the best ski resorts near Tokyo. You should definitely try skiing because it provides one of the best snow experiences on the planet. Make sure you don’t leave your heart in Tokyo - you’ve been warned, you’ll fall in love with the city in an instant.

by Bruna for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Kuppo for SweetEscape in Tokyo

2. If You're in The Mood For Summer: Melbourne, Australia

Are you looking for good times and tan lines? If you happen to be a lover of the sun and getting all bronzed up by the sandy shores, then this destination is definitely one to not miss out on. Spoil yourself with the warm summer sunshine rays in Melbourne, Australia. The down under is definitely the opposite of their counterparts in terms of weather - where most parts of the world are cold or rainy during the end of the year, but it is summertime in the Australian continent. With that said, you can stroll around Brighton Bathing Boxes or downtown city without shivering!

by Louis for SweetEscape in Melbourne
by Marlon for SweetEscape in Melbourne

3. If You Want The Perfect Spot For Romantic, K-Drama Style Moments: Seoul, Korea

Some might look for weather that can give them a feeling of comfort, pleasure, and relaxation, but others are looking for top cultural destinations. If that’s the case, make your way over to the city of Seoul in Korea. The dedicated fanbase of K-pop and K-drama lovers across the globe has raised Korea’s popularity in terms of tourism, and Seoul is one of the most popular cities to visit for K-drama lovers. If you're a K-drama enthusiast yourself, you know that there are a lot of heartwarming scenes. This time of year-round, you’ll be pleased to see the city filled with dazzling scenery you can enjoy. This is probably the best reason for alluring people from across the globe to explore South Korea at any time of the year. Worry not! You’ll have a variety of activities to do in this not-so-snowy city that will surely make you enjoy your time there.

by Dongjin for SweetEscape in Seoul
by Tizzy for SweetEscape in Seoul

4. If You Prefer A Destination That Offers the Best City Life: Singapore

If you're looking for a destination with lots of treats that also offers you urban life, then a day in Singapore is perfect for enjoying a holiday with your friends, family, or even better - your significant other. On top of all of the delicious authentic food that Singapore provides, you can also enjoy the famous monuments and attractions in Singapore such as the Merlion, Grand Prix circuit, Night Safari, Cloud Forest, etc. The small beautiful city is equipped with all of the finest attractions, amazing architecture, diverse culinary & rich shopping experiences, as well as beautiful places to stay. You can explore a lot of Singapore in a day or two, so book your tickets to this Lion City for a weekend getaway. You won’t regret it!

by Matthew for SweetEscape in Singapore
by Aloysius for SweetEscape in Singapore

5. If You're Looking for Adventure: Lombok, Indonesia

If you have a longing to be surrounded by the beautiful natural settings of tropical islands and their oceanic surroundings, then you most definitely should pay a visit to the islands of Lombok in Indonesia. Have you heard of Gili Trawangan and the neighboring Gili islands within the Lombok area? If you haven’t already, these are only examples of Lombok’s hidden gems that are definitely worth a visit. Craving for some vitamin sea with sceneries of the clear blue ocean waters to give you that peaceful and serene feeling? Head over to Lombok to experience a heavenly getaway for your year-end holidays, satisfaction is guaranteed!

by Ricky for SweetEscape in Lombok
by Ricky for SweetEscape in Lombok