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9 Fall Places You Should Visit This Autumn
09 Sep 2019EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

It's here again! The season of delicious pumpkin-spiced lattes and the changing color of leaves is back. Bring out those fall clothes from your storage, and switch your bright summer clothes to your darker shades of clothing to get ready for the season. Welcoming one of the most awaited seasons throughout the year... we would like to present you with some magnificent hidden gems for you to explore for a real all-around fall experience. Interested? Read on for a list of gorgeous places:

1. Lisbon, Portugal

In Portugal's capital city, you will be thrilled to spend your leisure time and experience the fall atmosphere throughout the entire city. With its unique hilly structure, the city's buildings and houses are all colorfully displayed creating an aesthetic vibe for both its visitors and citizens. In addition to its already vibrant appeal, many trees are found throughout Lisbon, all the while adding more color to the seemingly cheerful town. During the fall, the trees can be seen to slowly change in color - adjusting beautifully to the pastel colors of the city.

by Olga for SweetEscape in Lisbon

2. Banff, Canada

In the land of Northern America, you'll be glad to know that in all of the Canadian territory and provinces, you're bound to experience the fall season to the maximum. From the sombre lakes, colorful falling leaves, and the easy breezy atmosphere surrounding your every step - you'll want to stay in the resort town forever. Located in the Canadian province known as Alberta, the national resort park surrounds its visitors with endless natural beauty ranging from sceneries of the breathtaking Lake Louise, and snow-brushed mountains decorating its landscapes.

by Adi for SweetEscape in Banff
by Adi for SweetEscape in Banff

3. Mount Fuji, Japan

Known as the most glorious and majestic mountain in all of Japan, beautiful attractions and sites are found surrounding the mountain to add more vibrance to the already beautiful setting. Whether it be cruising through the Five Lakes of Fuji for magnificent sights of the mountain and landscapes of endless beauty and visual pleasures. Whether it be visiting the tea farm or relaxing in a hot spring with the great mountain views, Mount Fuji is no doubt a great destination for the fall season.

by Jaydine / Geraldine for SweetEscape in Hakone

4. Piedmont, Italy

If you aren't much of a city and skyscraper type of person, or perhaps you've spent a reasonable amount of time living in an urban city... then Piedmont is definitely the ideal place for you to visit for a refreshing vacation especially in the fall time. Sitting right at the foot of the Alps, the Italian region is located within hectares of beautiful grasslands and hills of trees with the occasional houses and residences appearing here and there amidst the nature setting. Since the region is ultimately popular with visitors during the Autumn/Fall season, you are guaranteed to have a heavenly escapade throughout your visit.

by Tigran for SweetEscape in Como
by Tigran for SweetEscape in Como

5. Aspen, Colorado

Although popularly known as a ski-resort town in Colorado, Aspen is an ideal vacation spot all-year long to enjoy the great outdoors. Consistently populated throughout the year, the town is designed beautifully. With a great balance between its cozy vacation houses and trees to decorate the town thoroughly, the fall season is one of the best seasons to visit the Aspens of Colorado. One of the best parts of the town is witnessing the transitioning of the season from the sombre but colorful fall to the snowy winters, you'll be pleased to feel such a calming and elevating vibe as you explore the resort-town.

by Nguyen for SweetEscape in Denver

6. Bavaria, Germany

Home to the infamous Neuschwanstein Castle, the German state perfectly occupies the southeastern section of the country. Known as one of the most popular destinations for traveling tourists, Bavaria offers many scenic views to be used for photographic landscapes and backgrounds. With the astonishing hills and architecture that can be seen all around the location, the magnificent views are enhanced by the sombre colors of the buildings and sights throughout the entire of Germany.

by Sophia for SweetEscape in Munich
by Sophia for SweetEscape in Munich

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

For a historic European feel, the capital city of Scotland is an excellent choice for a vacation during the fall season. In Scotland's hilly capital city, you will be thrilled to find both a medieval Old Town and the elegant Georgian New Town, all the while decorated with floral gardens and vintage neoclassical architectures. If you were a huge Harry Potter fan in your childhood days, then Edinburgh is a must-visit for you to have an authentic experience of the movie series' filming locations. A tip from us? The atmosphere is so much better in the fall time!

by Anna for SweetEscape in Edinburgh

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Located in the southern part of Croatia, the city is incredibly famous for its well-preserved buildings dating all the way back to the Renaissance era. The city, enclosed by the grandiose castle walls popularly seen on the hit TV series, "Game Of Thrones", the city provides various landscapes and scenic views exhibiting a beautiful range of views ranging from buildings to views of the majestic ocean to perfect the ideal fall/autumn experience.

by Zeljka for SweetEscape in Dubrovnik
by Zeljka for SweetEscape in Dubrovnik

9. Provence, France

For the season of the falling leaves in autumn, the southeastern region in France is an ideal spot to experience the beautiful wonders that are provided throughout the vast area. Popularly known for its beautiful landscape of lavender fields, experience the heavenly bliss as you witness the lavender fields transform from shades of violet to autumn-y orange shades.

by Florent for SweetEscape in Provence

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