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Fall For Fall Foliage In Some Of The World's Best Spots
04 Oct 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

As the much celebrate fall season around the world passes us by, it is time to snatch up the chance to eternalize this magnificent natural wonder. And while autumn around the world is always gorgeous as ever, here are our picks of some of the world’s best spot to capture the fall beauty with your loved ones:

Millions of colors in Munich

by for SweetEscape in Munich

You are in for a nice treat if you visit the Germany this fall. Prepare for the most colorful and tranquil setting that will leave you pausing your breath. The stunning visual beauty is visible everywhere too, from the streets and parks to the overall mood of local residents who will dress in darker hues in contrast to the changing leaves in Munich. Last but not least, it’s the perfect time for amazing pictures and wonderful memories.

Seoul Soothing Fall

by for SweetEscape in Seoul

Get ready to embrace the endless parade of breathtaking colors every fall when in Seoul. From earthy green, red, orange, to yellow leaves, evoke the artist in you as you get the full view of the changing nature around you. Since the city has always been quite green and lush in nature, pretty much everywhere in Seoul is a fall foliage destination too. Start your way from the iconic Namsan Tower, stroll around Samcheongdong or just sit around Songpa Naru Park. We promise it’s going to be super photographic!

The Inherent Beauty of Madrid

SweetEscape in Madrid

Pleasant temperature, long daylight, and all the mixture of colors are just a few reasons why you should enjoy Madrid during fall. Enjoy the romantic and charming street lined with trees where the rhythm of nature serenades you with green, red, brown and orange all around. With its verdant parks and gardens, Madrid is filled with a wealth of beauty that is truly awe-inspiring and unforgettable.

Extra Romance in Paris

by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris

What do you have when you pair one of the most beautiful cities in the world with one of the most scenic seasons ever? The answer is a masterpiece in work. Indulge in the crisp day and gorgeous autumn colors where you can laze around the gorgeous nature of Paris. The bursting colors pair with the atmospheric view of the city means that it’s camera time that even local Parisian will appreciate.

Dances of Tokyo’s Colors

by Mizuki for SweetEscape in Tokyo

If you have the Hanami season during spring, then autumn in Tokyo won’t disappoint as well. Every fall season, the metropolitan comes to live in a gorgeous blaze of colors. Imagine walking among the beautiful Japanese style gardens in the country that are present everywhere while the foliage sheds a rain of brilliant colors all over the city. Be sure to take advantage of the scenic fall foliage by capturing every blissful second of it.

Fall For Spectacular Seattle

by Joy for SweetEscape in Seattle

The sweetest time to visit Seattle for many is during fall. The fall culture in Seattle is marked by many local events, music festivals, signature cuisine, and other unique experiences. Above all, the city is going to be filled with unparalleled natural fall beauty where foliage colors compete with each other to flaunt their best shades. Needless to say, fall in Seattle is all about picture perfect potential dotted all over, from the Japanese Garden to Green Lake and more.