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Look: 5 Places You Should Not Miss This 2020
31 Jan 2020EXPLOREBY Yua

People these days are mighty-bond glued to their mobile phones daily. Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, eyeing on the latest deals or even the funniest memes. Eventually, that seat sale ad you’ve been waiting for pops out of nowhere. Your eyes slowly shimmer in excitement as you take a glimpse of your favorite words… Seat Sale. And the hardest decision ever you have to make in a limited amount of time — deciding which destination to book.

Skip the ubiquitous destinations and opt for the off the beaten path. Check out these 5 must-see places this year and tick them off one-by-one.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Feeling a bit nostalgic about your best-loved series, Game of Thrones? Rekindle your love for the show by flying straight to King’s Landing. Live in the moment as you recall the scenes of the seven kingdoms.

by Dino for SweetEscape in Dubrovnik

Marrakech, Morocco

Did you know that you can visit Marrakech without a visa? Cool, right! For a limited amount of time; get to explore distinct mosques, drink flavourful teas, and indulge yourselves with sumptuous Moroccan cuisine.

by Anass for SweetEscape in Marrakech

San Vicente, Palawan

In between the stunning El Nido and mesmerizing Puerto Princesa lies the hushed town of San Vicente. It may not be your go-to spot in Palawan but definitely another spectacular island you should embark on.


Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

If you’re a nature enthusiast, you’ll surely fall in love with Lake Wanaka’s spectacular scenes and thrilling activities. From picturesque mountain tops to splendid water forms, immerse yourselves to nature’s finest only in New Zealand.

by Andy for SweetEscape in Lake Wanaka

Bintan, Indonesia

Take a break from the monotonous life at work. Spend time off and relish your me-time at Bintan’s serene seascape.

by Robbi for SweetEscape in Bintan
by Robbi for SweetEscape in Bintan

When you visit these exceptional destinations, keep the memories for eternity by booking a shoot with SweetEscape. Where you can easily look back and reminisce those precious moments anytime.