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10 Best Proposal Spots in Paris Other than the Eiffel Tower
19 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Dubbed as the city of romance, Paris has every right to be crowned as one of the top destinations for romantic holiday. In fact, Paris has always been on the list of the most romantic place to propose to your significant other. Here are 10 of SweetEscape’s pick for 10 best proposal spots in Paris other than the Eiffel Tower.

1. Jardin Du Palais Royal

An epic place such as Jardin Du Palais Royal is just the perfect place to start your proposal. This symmetrical and organized garden complex is the definition of elegant urban space with its spacious garden of carefully trimmed trees in the side alleys.

This place is also often sought after for its modern sculptures and designs, especially the signature feature of 260 black--and-white striped columns made by the acclaimed sculptor Daniel Buren. Needless to say, your proposal will stand out in this gorgeous place.

2. Shakespeare and Company Bookshop

How does an “old- Paris” theme sound for your proposal? This legendary bookstore in Paris, Shakespeare and Company Bookshop is set to blow anyone’s away with its prime location facing the Seine. Even if you’re not a bookworm, the store’s heritage history and its rustic-looking architecture will make you appreciate this grand looking store all the same.

Being in this majestic site is similar to entering a time machine to a quieter and older Paris. And trust us when we say that your lover will simply love this artistic combination for that extra memorable proposal spot.

3. Jardins Des Archives Nationales

Constructed early in the eighteenth century, The Gardens of the National Archives is a series of 4 connected garden serves to preserve France’s official archives. This pretty Parisian oasis of greenery offers tranquility and intimate historical decoration that is set in the theme of French classic garden.

Accessible from the hotel of Soubise rue des Francs- Bourgeois and hotel de Rohan, both hotels also offer backgrounds that will highlight your photographic proposal that much further.

4. Place Dauphine

Place Dauphine is perhaps Paris’ best kept secret as it isn't overrun by tourists due to its small and rather hidden location. Built as the properties for the middle class back during the reign of King Henry IV, this historic place saw the birth of early science, technology and photography.

The essence of impressive Paris is obvious as you stroll through this place, making it the perfect yet dramatic setting to pop up the million dollar question to your partner.

5. Quai de La Tournelle

The Quai de La Tournelle is a path located along the beautiful Seine. This stretch of riverside walkway is just the perfect recipe to a romantic scene for the couple, with its average crowd, lovely weather and scenic views. This unassuming place has all the romantic factors for the couple, so get down on your knees and let let this place be the timeless witness of your love journey.

6. Canal Saint Martin

Situated in the Northeastern side of Paris, the 4.5 kilometer long canal is lined with art galleries and trendy lofts that were once old warehouses. This picturesque district comes with its personal 19th century waterway and iron footbridges, making it a dreamy walkway in the whole of Paris.

The area is also considered as Paris’ best spot where all the hidden treasures of the city’s best and trendiest restaurants and shops await. Don’t let the hectic scene sway your mood! Among all that bustling Parisian rhythm, your proposal will stand out even better.

7. The Place de Furstenberg

Tucked in between Saint- Germain Boulevard and the left bank of the Seine, The Place de Furstenberg is one of the most picturesque squares in Paris. With a romantic and unequivocally Parisian charm, take in the view of tiny sheltered streets dotted with art galleries, local stores, boutiques and furniture stores. All of which makes for a fantastic spot to ignite romance with that most important question of your life.

8. Passage de Vivienne

As one of the most iconic covered arcades in Paris, anyone is bound to be enthralled by the colorful mosaics placed on the ground and the beautifully-adorned glass roofs. The very chic place is built for the most part in the 19th century where a typical Parisian architectural feature dominates the ambiance for the perfectly romantic proposal spot.

9. Temple of Love

Located in Versailles, Temple of Love may require a little bit of a ride from Paris. city. Set out for a field trip with your loved one without her knowing what you have planned. Then let the magical and enchanting park with a lake takes your breath away. With a name like Temple of Love, you’ll surely won’t be disappointed!

10. Any Cafe

There’s something so romantic and chic about Parisian cafes that any quaint place you end up with will make for the perfect spot to a love proposal.

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