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Photographer Tips for Families with Kids before Their SweetEscape Session
16 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Taking perfect family vacation photos needs a lot of preparation, especially if kids are included. Here's some tips from our SweetEscape photographers on how to keep your family photo shoot stress-free, enjoyable and memorable for all.

Prep the Kids

Kids are mentally prepared if they can visualize what kind of experience they will go through, even before they take any action, but don’t over prep them. Just tell them that they’re going to meet a photographer, and even if you can’t promise anything, make sure they know that everything’s going to be just fine.

Let the Photographer Get To Know the Family

Provide the photographer with basic information of your family, e.g. your kids' first names, ages, favorite hobbies/characters/games, just to make everything goes smoothly during the photo session. When kids are comfortable around the photographer, they can be themselves and it’s a lot easier to photographers to take great shots of your kids.

Pick the Right Location

You may not familiar with the location: you could stand in the hot sun or in the freezing cold, and you don’t want the kids to feel intimidated by the overly-crowded place. Ask our local photographer about the best and most comfortable spot to shoot.

Pick the Right Clothing

We understand that your goal is to have a great family vacation photo where everyone looks nice, but since you’re on a vacation, you might want to consider wearing comfortable but attractive clothing. Color coordinating is okay but please don’t be too matchy matchy.

Stick to Your Kids' Schedule and Follow Their Lead

The last thing that you want to have in your family vacation photo session is a major meltdown. To anticipate that, you need to understand first that kids get bored easily. Things might get worst when kids feel bored, hungry, tired and sleepy. So, the best time to have a family vacation photo session is when the kids have eaten and slept.

Bring Your Own Props

Your kids’ favorite toys, blanket, stuffed animals, or trucks are the special items to create a more personalized look and to keep them happy.

Make Room (and Time) to Get Ready

Getting ready with kids needs a little more time and room, so don’t rush it because it will ruin the mood of the whole session. Give yourself and your family extra time is always a good idea.

Don't Force Them to Smile and Pose

Remind yourself to let your children be children even though there’s a photographer following them. Hold yourself from shouting “cheese!” every single time, and don’t give them directives to derive their attention. It's okay not to always look at the camera. Let them act naturally, and let the photographer captures the raw moments.

Have Fun

The most important thing you should do on your family vacation photo session is to have fun. Remember, you’re making memorable memories. So, enjoy the moment.