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10 Reasons Why You Must Love and Visit The Philippines!
28 May 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

From buzzing metropolitan to pristine beaches, the Philippines has got it all. We have covered so much on the tropical paradise, but in case you need even more reassuring, who better to do so other than an actual Filipino? We spoke to Aziza Mondonedo, owner of travel company Destino Luxe Travel and Tours, which focuses on travel services and destination events. She gave us 10 reasons why, time and again, the Philippines is a go-to destination that offers everything to everyone. Check out what she has to say below!

1. The Philippines Has The Best Beaches

Let's start by stating the very obvious. The Philippines is home to the best beaches in the world: crystal clear, turquoise waters and the perfect temperatures to splash in. The sand is not only white and powdery; there are also pebble beaches, pink sand and silver sand. It’s even the home of the golden pearl!

2. ...And The Best Mountains!

There are several beautiful mountains you can hike in the Philippines: Batulao, Makiling, Pulag, etc. Mount Pulag is the highest mountain in Luzon, and the third highest peak in the country (after Mount Apo and Dulang-Dulang). It is famous for the beautiful view of the stars at night and the “sea of clouds” at dawn. If the beaches are Paradise, the peaks of these mountains are the Gates of Heaven!

by Kokoy for SweetEscape in Boracay

3. Filipino Food Is One-Of-A-Kind

The Philippines has a great cultural mix incorporated into its hearty and savory flavor. There are Spanish, Chinese and Malay influences that make up a very unique taste, enjoyable to anyone. It’s a perfect blend of east and west!

4. Filipinos Speak Fluent English

Filipinos do love their native Tagalog, but they also speak English fluently. If you’re looking for adventures in the exotic lands of South East Asia, the Philippines would be a good place to explore since everyone speaks English and can help you get around. You won’t have trouble finding your way!

by Carlo for SweetEscape in Manila

5. Filipinos Have Stories for Days

The Philippines has some pretty crazy superstitions. There's even a beautiful island that is said to be the dwelling place of witches and sorcerers that can help you with spells and potions! You can believe what you want, and even if you don’t buy any of it, listening to these fables makes for pretty good entertainment.

6. Filipinos Love Their Music

It’s been scientifically proven that singing is good for health. No wonder a lot of Filipinos live a long and healthy life what with all the singing at karaoke! You don't have to have the best voice - all that matters is your passion. Karaoke is a festive bonding activity that will guarantee a great time even with people you aren’t that close to…yet!

by Kokoy for SweetEscape in Boracay

7. Filipinos Are Family-Oriented

Filipinos are very close to their families. There's a strong sense of kinship among the people, and that’s why Filipino weddings and funerals are so big. It’s because they maintain good relations with every single family member, including the in-laws. They also respect the opinions of their elders, and that's also why their bonds are so strong and traditions are long lasting.

8. There's Nothing Like The Filipino Hospitality

Filipinos are the warmest, most hospitable people you will ever meet. If you are a guest in a Filipino's home, they will give you their master bedroom to sleep in! They will also include you in their social circle, family gatherings, even milestone events. So if you become friends with a Filipino, their world becomes your world and you will feel like you have been part of the family all along.

by Charisse for SweetEscape in Manila

9. ...And The Filipino Smile, For That Matter

Filipinos have the best smiles in the world. They give their smiles freely, whether they are going through hardship or joy. The smiles are genuine and you can feel the sincerity from every man, woman and child. They always choose positivity and project sunshine, even if their lives are not always completely rosy. We are the happiest people on earth.

10. It's All About The Lambing

Filipinos do everything with lambing or are very malambing - English for “affectionate”, “sweet” or “loving”. Whether it’s cooking for you, taking you sight-seeing, giving you water, serving you coffee, or even picking you up from the airport – you will feel all the love that goes into their gestures and your heart will just melt!

by Chel for SweetEscape in Manila

What Aziza Has To Say About Her Business

"Loving what I do is the most important because it doesn't feel like work. This gives my business a personal touch, like I'm interacting with old friends instead of clients. I always try to put myself in my customers' shoes. What would I like if I were buying a product or service? How would I like to be treated? Then I apply those answers to our business and carry out the best customer service we can provide. Also, different people like different things, especially if they're coming from different countries. I try to make sure to be aware of the cultural differences and timezones when dealing with my old friends."

by Janos for SweetEscape in Siargao

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