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10 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary
07 Dec 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

1. Relive the first date. Take your anniversary as an opportunity to bring back the butterflies that fluttered in your belly the first time you got together. Remember how exciting falling in love was? Let’s relive that again.

2. Celebrate with the ones who play a part in your relationship. Send flowers or a box of chocolates to the one who set you two up and tell them how grateful you are for setting you up in the first place. Or why don’t you invite them over for dinner?

3. Write a love letter for the future. Write a love letter to each other, keep it in a safe place and ask your partner to open and read it on your next anniversary.

4. Turn your gadgets off and get turned on. Spend an evening with no technology, just the two of you. Let your iPod play some music to bring out the mood, but that’s it. Enjoy each other's company and get intimate!

5. Go on a date to the amusement park. Laugh out loud, goof around and be restless like a couple of teenagers.

6. Watch your wedding video. … and/or look through your wedding pictures. It's a great opportunity to remember that special day. Dust off those DVDs and photo albums, you can now make fun of those horrible wedding-playlist-gone-wrong.

7. Upgrade your rings. Love does get better as the years roll by. Celebrate your 'upgraded' love with upgrading your rings. Get new ones or modify the original.

8. Do something new and extreme together. Have you tried extreme sports with your partner? Did you know that the sky-rocketing endorphin that you'll get from doing such extreme sports, plus the novelty will boost your libidos! So, what will you do first? From sky diving, bungee jumping, to mountain climbing, and white water rafting, just make sure you hire a licensed and experienced provider.

9. Visit a place for the first time. What’s a great way to celebrate your marriage journey than to experience an actual journey that you’ve never been on before? Go on, book that ticket, explore and share a new experience together. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

10. What's pre-wedding photo shoot? Get post-wedding photo shoot! If you missed the chance, or if you just like those who didn't do such trend, an anniversary is a great excuse to get dressed up and take pictures. You can even do it while you’re traveling to a new place. Let SweetEscape capture your moments.

by Alex for SweetEscape in Bali

So, what's your idea for this year's anniversary celebration? Whatever you’re going to do, make it a memorable experience that you will cherish for many years to come. Freeze the moments, book a session with SweetEscape.