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20 Fun & Affordable Date Ideas
13 Mar 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Let’s admit it, even the most romantic couples get bored by the same dating routine. Dinner for two followed by movie date may be the tried-and-true, but it also translates to boredom, and that is not the language a relationship should be speaking in.

But fret not, we are here to help you with 20 fun and affordable date ideas that you can try with your loved one. We dare you to give at least one of these ideas a go this weekend!

1. Hit the museum

Play tourists for a day and check out all the fancy museums you have in your hometown. Cultural centers, art galleries, important landmarks… don’t hesitate to step into them! Spice up your romance with new cultural and historical knowledge.

2. Picnic for two

Imagine just the two of you getting cozy under the shades of tall trees, with the sunrays streaming between the foliage and a spread of drinks and light bites on the side, ready to be devoured. Get on that natural high! Just hit a garden-themed cafe and start your picnic for two.

by Helena for SweetEscape in Cape Town
by Helena for SweetEscape in Cape Town

3. Stay fit together

Ever thought about indoor rock climbing, bowling or simply going to the gym with your significant other? Challenge each other, get fit together and earn extra romance points at the same time. Ready, set, go!

4. Soak up the sun

Weekend is always a good time to go out and soak up the sun. Wherever you live, we’re certain island-hopping adventure is only hours away. What are you waiting for? Go out for a full day trip and explore a new place. Just don’t forget your suntan lotion!

5. Go outdoor

Be it a quick jogging, a lazy stroll in the park or sitting down to admire the views, reconnect with the nature and the romantic in you.

6. Remember the music

The two of you must have a favourite artist whose songs you know by heart. Check out the next time the artist is having a concert in town and sing along to the soundtracks of your lives!

7. Pick up the sweets

Put your straw hat on, get that big basket and hit the farm. Get away from the city and pick up sweet strawberries or oranges in the highland. You’ll be going home with bundles of sweet fruits!

8. Unleash your inner child

Whether it’s a game or a racing competition, teaming up with your boo to destroy the six-headed monster or play imaginary sports together - we’re sure you’ll leave the place all smiles.

9. Follow your passion

Up for some skills-upgrading? It’s time to sign up for a cooking class or brush up on your French, so next time you land in Paris, you can say more than just 'bonjour' or 'merci'.

10. Silence speaks a thousand words

Nothing beats locking hands and lazy strolling down the beach! Breathe in the warm breeze and gaze at the sunset as the waves wash the sand away from your feet.

11. Conquer the height

Not a fan of the beach? The mountains may be for you instead. Pack your gears and go for a hike or a campout. There’s nothing like conquering the height and treating you and your partner to a good, steaming cup of tea afterwards.

by Helena for SweetEscape in Cape Town
by Helena for SweetEscape in Cape Town

12. Remember to give

Love is all about giving, and it’s not always between two people. There’s always an opportunity to share and help others in need. It could be visiting an orphanage, cleaning up your neighborhood, donating blood… any good cause you can think of, do it!

13. Glide on ice

The Winter Olympics may be over, but the excitement is always in the air. Hop on the ice ring and do your silly couple dance. As you glide (or slide), the cold won’t hold any candle to your fiery romance.

14. Trust your animal instinct

Admire the giraffe’s long lashes, squeal at the adorable penguins or clap along to the dolphins making acrobatic turns - these friendly animals might help you have the fun and romantic date you never knew was possible.

15. Get your game on

Feel like staying home instead? Forget Netflix and chill, prepare a good, old-fashioned board game instead. A word of advice: we do not recommend Conquer or Monopoly unless you two want to get into a fight!

16. Press play and sing it out

Benefit from how accessible and affordable karaoke joints are nowadays and head over to the nearest one! Before you know it, the two of you are already spending hours of fun perfecting your duet.

17. Never stop learning

Relive your high school fantasy and go to the public library for a good dose of reading and chilling for two. There’s always something new to learn!

18. Put your fingers to work

Nothing brings a couple closer than solving a puzzle together. By the time you’re finished, you might just realize that your partner is the missing piece that completes you.

19. Always on the run

Ready for another challenge? Doing a marathon is all the rage these days, so join the fun! Train and prep as a couple, motivate each other and get to the finish line hand-in-hand.

20. Seize the moment

Congratulations, now the two of you have a new thing you like doing together! You might need something to remember it by, and this is where photographs come in handy. What about the professionally shot ones?

by William K. for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Keiko for SweetEscape in Kyoto

by Ippei for SweetEscape in Tokyo

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