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5 Tips To Enjoy London During The Royal Wedding Weekend
18 May 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

It's the Royal Wedding weekend! Like the rest of the world, we are excited to witness the upcoming grand nuptial of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - a modern-day fairytale, if you ask us. Love is in the air, excitement is everywhere and inspiration is abound, but let's not forget: London is going to be hella crowded! When the whole nation is rejoicing and having a massive celebration, there are all kinds of street parties wherever you go. So what to do when you already booked a trip to London for this weekend? Fret not! We have a few tips for you to enjoy London during the Royal Wedding weekend to the fullest extent. Check them out!

1. Take The Tube

A surefire way to escape traffic and mass of people blocking the roads holding their own parties. This is also a great chance for you to explore the hidden corners of London and really get the feel of the city. If you're the introvert kind, taking the public transportation will also allow you to observe all the fun from afar without having to take part!

by Sam for SweetEscape in London

2. Join The Festivities

There are plenty of venues - both small and large - across London that offer a public viewing of the Royal Wedding as well as their own activities inspired by or alluding to the Royal Wedding. If you feel like having some fun, why not join them? Check out the local listings or simply ask around to find the perfect venue!

3. Hit The Pub

The British public might not have got a day off for the wedding but pub fans certainly have something to thank Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for! The celebration period over the Royal Wedding weekend allows London pubs to open longer well until 1 A.M. the night after the wedding. Refresh yourself with a pint or two!

by Natasha for SweetEscape in London

4. Get Cultural

From museums, festivals and concerts, there are different going-ons in London over the Royal Wedding weekend too, so if you don't feel like taking part in the whole Royal Wedding madness, then it's time to plunge into another London trademark: the arts! Consult your guide on which event is most suitable to your heart's content!

by Alexandra for SweetEscape in London

5. Stay In and Get Lavish

Not into crowds or festivities and want to feel like a royal yourself? Then just stay in at one of the hotels in London with its own special Royal Wedding offers. We recommend the following: One Aldwych, Zetter Townhouse and Hotel Cafe Royal. We say you deserve your own royal treatment too!

by Sam for SweetEscape in London

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