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8 Ways To Get Over Your Jetlag
05 Jul 2018IDEASBY SweetEscape

You may not realize how powerful the time zone tiredness can be. Our bodies are naturally programmed to do all kinds of activity in 24 hours which create routines like eating and sleeping, called circadian rhythm. But when we travel to a place with different time zone, our circadian rhythm becomes disrupted and that leads to a range of symptoms which include extreme tiredness, loss of appetite, indigestion problems, and difficulty concentrating.

Post-holiday blues are real, and jet lag makes it worse. Here are some tips for minimizing the occurrence of jet lag and getting back to your daily routine, all while restoring you circadian rhythm.

by Polina for SweetEscape in Rome

1. Take It Easy

You know that it will take you a few days to be back in a normal groove, so take it as easy as possible. Do things that make you happy and your body relax. Go for a slow walk, take a bubble bath, cozy up yourself and watch a movie.

2. Say No to Coffee and Yes to Water

Avoid coffee and other caffeine-heavy beverages such as cola and energy drinks. Caffeine has artificial stimulants which will affect your ability to sleep and increase jet lag recovery time. Also, caffeine dehydrates you, whereas your body functions best when it’s hydrated. So opt for only water (and lots of it!) to reduce the effects of jet lag.

3. Eat!

Calorie deficit will make jet lag even worse. Eat small meals frequently with lots of healthy food and avoid sugar as much as you can.

4. Sleep Whenever It’s Time to Sleep

No matter how tire you are, you’ve got to stay awake if it’s not bed time. This will help your body get used to the new time zone as quickly as possible.

by Ken for SweetEscape in Sydney

5. Do Light Therapy

Expose yourself to bright daylight to get your circadian rhythm back on track. It’s one of the scientifically-proven ways for beating jet lag.

6. Get Some Exercise

We understand that exercise may be the last thing you want to do in the midst of jet lag. But exercising can boost your endorphins, help reset your body clock while reducing the symptoms of jet lag.

7. Take Hot & Cold Showers

Take a cold shower in the evening, and a warm shower in the morning. The release of melatonin, the sleep regulation hormone, can be triggered by temperature changes in the body.

8. Turn Your Phone Off

Stop checking your phone when it’s bed time! Looking at your phone during the night wires your brain up, especially if you’re not really tired. Turn it off so you can have a peaceful, deep sleep.

So, instead of being sad over the end of your vacation and being miserable over the jet lag, with a little preparation and know-how, you can beat the holiday jet lag. Those simple tips hopefully will keep you from feeling like a sad zombie after you’re holiday’s over.

by Ken for SweetEscape in Sydney
by Tigran for SweetEscape in Milan
by Jeffrey for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

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Five Easter Traditions Around The World To Welcome The Holy Week
12 Apr 2019IDEASBY SweetEscape

Easter is coming! As Christians everywhere commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ, some might plan to go overseas to spend the long weekend and holiday. We've complied a list of several unique Easter traditions from around the world to inspire you in making your Easter more memorable!

1. Visita Iglesia

Manila, Philippines

by Carlo for SweetEscape in Manila

As a predominantly-Catholic society, people in the Philippines take The Holy Week very seriously. Although the more secular people would make use of the long holiday to go overseas or to visit beautiful beaches around Manila and other cities around the country, most people would take part in the week-long Easter celebration. One of the most unique tradition there is for the faithful visit several churches–sometimes seven, sometimes fourteen, sometimes no set number depending upon the particular practice–to pray before the Blessed Sacrament in each church, in a tradition called Visita Iglesia or Visitation of Churches.

2. Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Roll

Washington D.C, USA

by Janice for SweetEscape in Washington DC
by Janice for SweetEscape in Washington DC

One of the most popular Easter traditions in the world is the Easter Egg Hunt. Children get to paint hard-boiled eggs in bright colours, and the adults will hide them for the children to find, with the Easter egg itself was defined by early Christians as an Easter symbol of the resurrection of Jesus: the egg symbol was likened to the tomb from which Christ arose.

The White House Easter Egg Roll is a timeless tradition that dates back to 1878 under President Rutherford B. Hayes, held on the White House South Lawn in Washington D.C. each Easter Monday for children aged 13 and younger and their parents, hosted by the current President and the First Lady. The Egg Roll is basically a race, where children push an egg through the grass with a long-handled spoon, while other activities such as live music and decorated Easter eggs exhibition happen around the lawn, encouraging kids and young people to live healthy and active lives.

3. Semana Santa

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

by Guilherme for SweetEscape in Rio de Janeiro

A lot of Brazilians will travel abroad during the Semana Santa (Holy Week), but as a country with one of the biggest Roman Catholic populations in the world, a lot of age-old traditions are still taking place in Brazil for Easter. One of the most beautiful traditions in Semana Santa is the decoration of streets for the Sunday procession. Many cities do it for Corpus Christi, but in Ouro Preto, a town near Belo Horizonte, for example, people create colorful carpets with wood shavings, flour, coffee, flowers, and other elements the night before Easter Sunday for the procession to walk on.

4. Easter Parade and Tamborrada

Madrid, Spain

by Leticia for SweetEscape in Madrid

Easter is famous for its' Easter Parade, and the most famous of Madrid's Easter parades is that of the Cristo de Medinaceli (Christ of Medina), which takes place on Good Friday, April 4, and runs through the main streets of the city from the parish of Jesús de Medinaceli. Whether you're religious or not, a traditional Easter procession is worth seeing for the emotion that fills the Madrileños who walk their saints through town and how the city centre's streets are decorated. All around Spain there seem to be traditional desserts for every holiday, and Easter is no exception. It doesn't matter if you fancy yours with milk, wine or in the purest form, you'll find all types of 'torrijas' in bars and restaurants throughout the city. To officially bid adios to Easter week, on Sunday there's a spectacular 'tamborrada' (drum parade and festival) in Plaza Mayor. Hundreds of official drummers meet at noon to create a thundrous event with their drums, cymbals and bugles that sends tingles up and down the spines of locals who come to watch as well as anyone not in the know happening by and startled by the first whack of the stick.

5. Osterbrunnen


by Sophia for SweetEscape in Munich
by Sophia for SweetEscape in Munich

The Osterbrunnen (Easter Well or Easter Fountain) is a German tradition of decorating public wells or fountains with Easter eggs for Easter. It began in the early 20th century in the Franconian Switzerland region of Upper Franconia but has spread to other regions. The decoration is usually kept from Good Friday until two weeks after Easter. Decorating a well for Easter honours water, essential for life, and Easter, the feast of renewed life. Over the time, these decorated wells became interesting tourist attractions, such as the wells in Heiligenstadt and Bieberbach which become destinations for bus tours from cities such as Munich and Dresden; Heiligenstadt is visited by some 80 buses a day, while the fountain in Bieberbach was listed in 2001 in the Guinness World Records for 11,108 hand-painted eggshells!

by Leticia for SweetEscape in Madrid

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