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Don't Miss Out On Sydney's Beaches With Your Family, Even In The Winter
15 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

We know that the coming season might not be as warm as we hope it to be, but it shouldn’t hold you back from going all out during your upcoming vacation to Sydney. Although it might rain sometimes, Sydney’s winter still promises clear skies on most days for you to explore. During these days, you can have family picnics up high on the Blue Mountain region, or simply enjoy the warmer temperature on the beaches of Sydney. After all, the beaches are definitely one of Sydney’s best charms!

For starters, Bondi Beach would be a perfect destination for everyone. It has everything from surf waves, great food and a great atmosphere. Nowadays, you can even ride a camel on the beach for an exotic experience! But even if you are not into any of those activities, walking around the beach would be quite an adventure. Walk uphill to the south side of the beach and you will find yourself at a rocky cliff with the best view of Bondi. Everything is safe enough for your kids because stairs and fences will guide your way uphill.

Not far from Bondi, you will find Clovelly Beach, a small and tranquil beach located between two rocky ridges with a saltwater pool on the northern side. The Bondi beach side view from Clovelly will give you lots of photos to take back home. To add up the fun, take your loved ones for cups of warm chocolate at Seasalt Café and a few other cafes that you will spot during your walk.

For a more playful beach, take a visit to Dee Why Beach. Other than its playful name, the beach itself contains many playful family activities such as table tennis or relaxing kayaking. For families with younger kids, Shelly Beach at Cronula would be perfect to visit. With large grassed area, barbecues for public use and a fenced playground, Shelly Beach is a great option for parents with younger children.

With all of these beaches to visit during the winter, don’t forget some extra preparations for your family trip. Here are a few things that might be useful to have on hand:

Warm ointments to keep the little ones warm under the jackets would be much needed. Light bites, in case you can't find a café or restaurant nearby since you will be walking around a lot in Sydney’s windy weather Umbrellas (or jacket with hoody) because the rain could hit anytime during the winter. The rain wouldn’t be too heavy, so a few umbrellas and winter jacket should be enough.

Now that you got your beaches and items list ready, what’s left would be a personal photographer to capture all of these moments. Don’t worry, we got that covered. Book a session to have a personal photographer capture every one of your precious holiday moments!