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Dressing Up For Winter In Sydney
15 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Winter in Sydney usually begins from June to August and to some of the bravest locals, it’s more like a “socks and sandals” kind of weather. This means that the weather is far from chilly and is very much bearable where the sun still shines most of the days. The normal temperature in the beginning of Sydney winter ranges around mid to to low 20’s degree Celsius, but may get colder as the month passes by. July and August are usually much colder than June, hitting below 20 degree Celsius to around 15-16 degree. On average, the Sydney winter weather is normally not cold enough so long johns or heavy coats may not be necessary. Especially if you’re the type who loves cold weather, an extra layer of undercloth or singlet is a great idea to keep your body warm without weighing you down.

As for holiday photography, winter in Sydney makes it extra perfect for photo sessions. If you plan to have a traveling photography during the season, it’s good news for you. Based on your preference, it is time to glam up or tone down your style during this, however you like it. So our tips for Escapists hailing from the tropical Asian countries, including Indonesia, just continue bringing your best style for this sweater weather. Perhaps a light coat or warm shawl to jazz up her outfit or a cool leather vest for him. If you plan to wear a dress or a skirt, an extra dark colored stocking may give you that instant classy look too. Instead of a beanie, a beret or other thick fabric hats can work as an extra decoration for your hair.

As for family with kids, you might want to pack more singlets for your toddlers along with long sleeved shirts, pullovers and a light rain jacket. A hat is also recommended because it helps to tame down hair during that windy day. Socks and shoes such as sneakers or boots are more preferable as you want to keep their little toes warm at all times.

Still, we would recommend that you pack in moderation. If you or your other family members tend to get chilly even in air conditioned rooms, then you may want to bring more layers to keep them extra warm and comfy. Also pay attention to your materials, pack more wool, cotton and thick denim instead of polyester or other delicate fabric.

Lastly, remember to dress comfortably! Sometimes fashion in traveling photography is not entirely about what you’re wearing, but how you feel in your outfit. Make sure you’re confident, comfortable and happy with your attire selection. And we guarantee, your photoshoot will turn out much better in the final results.