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How to Decide Where to Go For Your Next Holiday
03 Aug 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Life is sometimes ironic. When you are stressed and exhausted with work or daily routines, all you can think about is going on holiday. Yet, when it is just around the corner, you have no idea where to go! You haven’t booked any tickets or planned anything, so you are left with spending that “holiday” at home.

One of the easiest ways to quickly decide your next vacation destination is to ask yourself: what do you want to see? Pick a landmark, whether it is a building, a bridge, a mountain, or whatever you wish. Here are some examples.

SweetEscape in Paris

If you are feeling romantic, then Paris is the place to go. You might be thinking, “The Eiffel Tower?” Well, there are actually countless of equally enticing and crazy romantic places in Paris for you such as The Louvre, Jardin Du Palais Royal, etc.

Not really into Paris? Hop over to a nearby city, you can see historical European buildings from the time of kings and queens. There are old castles, majestic museums, and iconic townhouses, which will all make you want to go Dutch.

SweetEscape in San Francisco

For those of you who’ve been dreaming of the American Dream, it’s the right time make it come true! San Francisco is one of the cities you have to visit. Hopping on and off cable cars is fun and Golden Gate Bridge is awesome, but you’ll understand why we claim this city, that surrounded by water and distinctive skyline, is made for love.

SweetEscape in Shanghai

Let’s move on to a place in the middle of the world, called Asia. In the North there is Shanghai, where you can see a mix of Chinese and Western influences in the landmarks offering endless romantic spots and activities that will really sway the heart.

SweetEscape in Hong Kong

For food lovers out there, Hong Kong might be a good option to satisfy your inner foodie. But maybe you're the type of traveler who attracts to hustle and bustle of daily life, then you should go to the vibrant city of Tokyo, home to an array of activities and great outdoors for couple and family to make your holiday super exciting, if not romantic!

Actually, any place could be fun and romantic, because you're going on a vacation with your loved one(s). Now you know a glimpse of our favorite destinations, and you can imagine yourself spending your holiday at one of those cities, therefore the next step would be to book the tickets. To make travel planning even better, you need to find a good deal, which means you cannot miss the HSBC - Cathay Pacific Travel Fair!

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