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5 Ways to Be an Eco-Conscious Traveler
22 Apr 2019IDEASBY SweetEscape

On 22 April annually, we celebrate Earth Day. Why? Simply because good planets are hard to find. Earth Day represents our support to the biggest living organism in the world, mother nature, and how we should protect her at all cost.

Humans and all the industries that follow, unfortunately, are the biggest source of waste - and tourism is no exception to that. Luckily though, we can do our parts to minimize the damage and maybe even lead an exemplary life, including during traveling. If you hope to be a more eco-conscious traveler, then let’s strive to these 6 ways from us below :


1. Don’t Litter

There is no easier way to start being a more environmentally adept traveler than this one : Do Not Litter. Any waste that might come from your traveling, be it a single receipt paper, a used food container, or any trash that you produce should always end up in the proper disposal units.

The act of littering goes beyond personal irresponsibility, but also has economic, legal and environmental impacts that follow. So before you dismiss the importance no littering, think about the damaging effects to animals and plants that can cause loss to local tourism industry, or how millions of dollars spent in cleaning up could be put to better use. You’d change your mind for sure.

2. Reduce Plastic Use

Do you know? A plastic cup can take 50-80 years to decompose. An estimated of 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed each year, while more and more animals on land and water suffer directly from plastic garbage.

We know how easy and convenient plastic material is in human’s life, but it is highly advisable that all travelers think twice before using it and opt for a more environmentally friendly materials if possible.

Some of our favorite ways to reduce plastic use when traveling include not using plastic straws, bringing our own drinking bottle, and storing our shopping purchase in personal bags. What’s yours?

3. Hotel is Home

Will you only use fresh towel daily at home? Do you take extra long showers at home? Or do you leave your TV, aircon or lights on all the time at home? Probably not.

While we understand that it’s normal to indulge in luxury after spending money for your stay, adopting the “ hotel is home” concept when traveling is a great way to help save the energy that is hurting the environment and the tourism business. Bringing your own toiletries and skipping daily cleaning also help by miles.

4. Travel Light

Every kilo counts when flying, that is why they charge extra for baggage!

The more weight trains, planes, and cars have to carry, the more fuel will be used and the more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Packing light solves the problem, while also is a great solution to saving more money in the process. There’s no need to always maximize your baggage allowance - the environment will thank you for that.

5. Wise Transportation Choices

When it comes to traveling, transportation cannot be avoided but there are a few smart ways to work around it. If at all possible, try cutting back on the number of your flights by selecting direct flights or other mass transportation mode. It is also recommended to go for a walk or selecting the public transport, rather than hiring your own cab. Afterall, immersing with the locals or exploring on foot is what a true travel is all about. \

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Visit Alila Seminyak and Get Free Photo Session!
20 May 2019PLACESBY SweetEscape

Seminyak is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. Filled with an array of luxurious beach clubs, exciting shops and delicious restaurants, Seminyak is definitely the place to be. If you're considering Seminyak as your place to do your SweetEscape photo session, look no further than Alila Seminyak.

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Aside to a fantastic beachfront experience, Alila Seminyak feels like a lush secret garden. A distinctive blend of contemporary architecture, woven through with vertical greens, wall-hugging plants, green roofs and landscaped terraces, designed to enliven the senses. Green spaces abound, replicated in corridors, lobbies and all public spaces, naturally ventilated by ocean breezes.

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When it comes to staying in style, Alila Seminyak’s 240 rooms and suites, including one sensational 811 square metre, three-bedroom penthouse, do not disappoint. Don't forget to visit Alila's Beach Bar, a breezy spot for unwinding under the sun and stars. Take a break from the tropical rays and refresh with a thirst-quenching juice or cold beer. As sun gives way to moon, sink into the comfort of a daybed or armchair with an aperitif or an Alila signature cocktail, served with locally inspired snacks as beach music sets the mood for revelling and relaxation.

Beat the tropical heat with a dip in Alila's infinity swimming pools, five in all, integrated throughout the grounds of the resort–from the Adults pool to the family pool, and the ultra-cool Private Party Pool designed for group bookings and sparkling social gatherings.

A stunning beachfront resort that radiates sophistication, vibrance and vivacity, offering an indulgence of luscious lifestyle facilities and refined spaces for chilling out in style. Visit Alila Seminyak this Summer and get a free photo session!

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