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Matching Your Outfit To The Color Of Rome
15 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

You can’t separate color from clothing, just like you can’t separate fashion from photoshoot. For those who are looking for the perfect traveling photography, wardrobe preparation is indeed a part of your homework you need to tick off the list for that extra perfect photoshoot results.

Rome is best known for its romantic and elegant flair. Regal architectures and prominent arts is the essence of this city, along with its historic culture and ancient ruins. When you have Rome in your itinerary, it’s always important to dress to the occasion - and in this case, it’s all about dark colors that resonate with brown roman shades and other earth tones.

To start off, your trip to Rome won’t be complete without packing a black or blue fashion item. Black is the base of nearly every Italian outfit and works for top or bottom outfit, including pants, suits, dresses, shirts or skirts. Black is also the perfect canvas for when you want to pair with any other color, from subdued pastels to another dark hue such as navy or grey.

As for blue-colored item, denim is a great idea that works exceptionally for traveling companion, especially jeans or jacket for guys. A variation of these neutral dark colors includes other earthy tone hues, such as brown, brick, maroon, to grey.

When you have got your basic rights, it’s time to play with colors in other variations. From hats, scarves, shoes to even outerwear, the possibility is simply endless. From gorgeous shade of yellow, dark red or warm green, just pick up one or two accessories in the seasonal color or pattern to mix in with your black or darker color, and you will blend right in.

So ladies, if your wardrobe consists of happy or light colors, perhaps it’s time to shop for a few classic and versatile dark colors. Get yourselves the items that are good for layering and shoes that are made for walking. They are your most essentials weapon for your traveling photography in Rome.

Last but not least, remember that comfort comes first ! Whenever you’re dressed for comfort, your confidence will shine right through. In fact, it will shine so bright that even the darkest of black cannot get in your way of looking extra chic and eternally classic.