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The Best Pre-Wedding Portraits Are Done Casually
15 Jan 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

When you think of pre-wedding photography, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Let us guess, you’re thinking of extensive, exhausting planning and back-breaking poses under the sun. And, maybe the hassle of preparing the matching outfits, putting up a fancy up-do, and applying elaborate make up - all of which were preferably done by professionals!

That does sound like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Let us offer you a way of capturing pre-wedding portraits - with a promise of minimal effort and maximum results. SweetEscape brings the idea of a casual yet stylish approach to pre-wedding portraits that you can capture while you’re sharing a moment with your fiancé, perhaps during a holiday. Even in a casual pre-wedding portraits session, the key is preparation. Consider these 6 tips to make your pre-wedding session with SweetEscape a memorable one:

1. Less is More

While the element of appearance is important, casual-themed pre-wedding session requires very little makeup on your already pretty face. Go with light makeup, such as soft-colored lips and cheeks or slightly bold eye makeup look.   The same goes with hairdo. You want to look made up but not too prepped. A gorgeous blowout that shows your lustrous hair, simple curl or bun adorned with little pins will be more than enough.

2. Stay fashionably comfortable

When it comes to fashion, comfort should be your top priority. Match the clothes you’ll wear to your travel needs. If you’re heading somewhere cold, bring outfits that can accentuate yourself and still keep you comfortably warm. If you’ll be somewhere warm, think of wearing outfits that allow you to move around with ease.

3. Match your color to the city

When you’re in your favorite destination with your favorite person, you will want to make the best of it! You don’t have to wear twinning outfits (because that’s clearly not for everyone) but match the colors, to each other and to the city you’re in too. Think white and khakis on your tropical getaway or a lush materials with a burst of vibrant colors on your winter holiday.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

The best thing about casual-theme pre-wedding photo session is you both get to be yourselves. After all, you are out and about enjoying the fresh air in a foreign city, not cooped-up in a formal photo studio. Still, you can try to practice some poses with your partner or brainstorm the kind of posing expectations that you’d want to see in the results. Our photographers are always ready to direct you too, without you feeling too overwhelmed or rigid.

5. Get in the mood

To be honest, it’s not that hard to get in the mood when you’re adventuring somewhere new with someone you love. We’re sure that you’d agree, traveling does have that laidback and carefree effect that easily translate to gorgeous pre-wedding photography results. If you ever find yourself stuck though, just take a few minutes to calm down, catch a few deep breath and look around you. The surrounding beauty (and your loved one too) will instantly inspire you to be in the best of mood.

6. Talk to our photographers

Last but not least, selecting your trusted photographer is just as important. Instead of hiring a photographer to bring along ( yikes, think of all the cost!), go with SweetEscape photographers who already know the city like the back of their hands. Simply meet your photographer at the best location in town and be confident in knowing that your portraits are in great hands! Before the session, take the time to chat with them about the kind of pre-wedding portraits you want, such as the tone and feel of it, so that they can point you to the best places in the city.

by Tommy for SweetEscape in Sydney

by Chelsey for SweetEscape in Cape Town