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These 3 Things Prove That Filipinos Have the Best Christmas Celebrations
12 Dec 2018IDEASBY SweetEscape

In the Philippines, the Christmas season starts in September. Undoubtedly, it has the longest and probably, the merriest celebration, as colorful lights and lanterns deck their homes and lines in shopping malls begin to build up. As a culture-rich country, Filipinos celebrate the holidays in the most creative, fun, and heartwarming ways. Here's how they do it:

1. Many Filipinos believe that completing the Misa de Gallo (midnight Mass) or Simbang Gabi (night Mass) fulfills a wish.

Because more than half of the Philippines' population are Catholics, it has been part of many Filipinos' routine to attend a nine-day series of night Masses (or eight days for pre-dawn Masses) leading up to Christmas day. Whether coming straight from the office or school at night or waking up at dawn, they always find a way to finish this series as they believe that a wish would be granted when it is completed. Adding to the Christmas vibes are lines of street vendors selling "bibingka" or rice cake and "puto bumbong" or purple yam-flavored sticky rice steamed in bamboo tubes and topped with cheese, margarine, shredded dried coconut and sugar.

2. Everything becomes Christmas-themed.

As soon as the “ber” months arrive, Filipino creativity gets to its peak as venues, buildings, and parks get spruced up for the holidays. Many parks, as well as public highways and streets get adorned with colorful lights and decorations as they compete to become Instagram-worthy spots. Some even become exhibits with grandiose and impressive displays to showcase their culture or story. Bazaars also pop up in public locations where Filipinos grab their stash of seasonal food and items that are both perfect for gift-giving or for keeping.

3. December is Christmas party season.

For most Filipinos, it is not surprising to receive three invitations for Christmas parties in December. Filipinos like to party, to celebrate, to have fun, and of course, to share good food. This becomes an opportunity for Filipinos abroad to come home and attend family reunions that are typically celebrated during Noche Buena. It also becomes a time to catch up with long-lost relatives or close friends who they haven't spoken to in a long time.

Moments like these don't happen every day, so it's always best to have them captured through SweetEscape. Book a photographer through the SweetEscape website and let us save your priceless memories this Christmas season! Visit to know more.


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5 Most Beautiful Savannas In The World
20 Jun 2019PLACESBY SweetEscape

At the mention of the word ‘ savanna”, your mind probably wanders to the vast grassy plains of Africa. But do you know that there are actually a few savannas in the world that are worthy of your attention? Even more surprising, some of the best ones are located in Indonesia, ready to be explored to your heart’s content. So without further ado, let’s unleash our inner Simba or Nala, it’s time to roam here in our 5 picks of the most beautiful savannas in the world:

Real Life Lion King, Serengeti (Africa)

by Chelsey for SweetEscape in Cape Town

Said to be a major inspiration to the movie Lion King, the Serengeti goes as far as the eye can see- and then some more. The seemingly endless grassland is located in Tanzania, Africa and is one of Africa’s most classic safari destinations. It’s the home of the Big Five, over 500 species of birds and Agrica’s most well-known great wildebeest migration.

With countless tour packages available for your choosing, more and more attractions are introduced including hot air balloon, camping, walking safaris and so on. Excitement aside, nothing beats the tranquility of just sitting and waiting for sunset or admiring the landscape up close.

The Stunning Jewel of Sumba - Puru Kambera, Sumba (Indonesia)

by Virgians for SweetEscape in Sumba
by Virgians for SweetEscape in Sumba

Home to East Sumba’s savanna, the grassland expanse is an iconic jewel that will struck any traveler with an awe-inspiring wonder. Just a 30-minute drive from Waingapu, the open stretches of grassland gets even more dramatic with backdrop of rolling hills at one side and oceanic stretch at the other. Cue in the galloping sandalwood horses and there you have it, the best nature scene one could ever wish for.

In fact, the golden-yellow savanna and blue skies have made the screen plenty of times in the movies. It’s also a highly-requested prewedding location, all thanks to the beach that is adjacent to the meadow with the same name.

The Soothing Colors of Nature - Palouse, Washington (USA)

by Fredy for SweetEscape in Seattle

The Palouse is the most serene and pastoral of the seven wonders of Washington. Located in the Southeast area of the state, the grassland boasts a unique landscape that is also a designated wheat and barley plantations. As the produce matures from time to time, the Palouse changes in colors too, from lush shades of green in Spring to crispy harvest brown in summer.

The meadow is a gem that captivates the hearts of many photographers, ready to hunt for the next most picturesque memory under the sun. One thing is for sure, with such wonderful sight to see, any shot is going to be as good as it gets.

Savana Selo- Mount Merbabu National Park, Salatiga (Indonesia)

by Hakim for SweetEscape in Yogyakarta
by Hakim for SweetEscape in Yogyakarta

We’re not kidding when we say some of the best savannas in the world is in Indonesia. Just check out our next contender, Savana Selo that is nicknamed after the pathway to reach it. With the majestic mount Merbabu as the backdrop, you can expect to find a few savanna spots, all with the same exotic yet carefree panorama. The beauty often stops hikers in their tracks, inviting them to take a long rest while absorbing the fresh view it has to offer.

Plenty of other mountains in Indonesia also share the same geographical feature of mountainous savannas. To name a few, there are Mount Sindoro, Mount Lawu, Mount Bromo, Mount Argopura and the list continues! So if you are yet to step foot in Africa or other foreign countries, Nusantara beckons your savanna visit anytime of the day.

Pretty in Pink - Nari Park, Seoul ( South Korea)

by Hendry for SweetEscape in Seoul

Nothing gets more instagrammable than the stretch of lovely pink savanna in the form of one endless park. It’s one of the most visited places in Korea during autumn, the pinkish and violet grass sway dreamily like one huge fluffy carpet.

The pink sea of flowers is not the only thing that you get to enjoy, because Nari Park also houses many different other floral species that share one thing in common : extra prettiness! Just get your camera ready and prepare to experience a day of natural beauty at its finest height.

by Virgians for SweetEscape in Sumba

Whichever savanna you decide to experience the "Circle of Life", let SweetEscape make those festive colors and joyful memories last a lifetime in print! We connect you to 2000+ professional photographers in more than 400 cities around the world, so all you have to do is to create your memories, while we take great photos of your every moment! (Use the code FIRSTESCAPE on your first SweetEscape booking to get USD50 off and let's) #MakeLifeMemorable!