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Visit These Places To Rekindle Your Love In Melbourne
15 May 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

It’s true that love doesn’t cost a dime, but keeping love alive requires an investment of time and money, and what's better than to spend it on a romantic getaway? But before you plan on anything, take some time to find out the best destination for your romantic getaway. If you are an adrenaline seeker couple, New Zealand might be the first on your dream destination list! If you are laidback and chill, Europe might be perfect for the two of you. But, if you and your spouse are somewhere in between those extremes, Melbourne would be the right choice!

First stop should be the Yarra River! Located in the heart of Melbourne, Yarra River should be your number one destination to visit. Take a train and stop at Flinders Station, Yarra River should be visible after a few steps from the station. Although size is not its selling point, the river offers a beautiful vantage point from the bridge nearby Flinders. Walking alongside the river after a relaxing brunch should be an excellent idea to catch some fresh air in such an easygoing nature.

If walking gets tiring, hop onto a cruise and explore the Yarra River waterways. From Venice style cruises to water taxis, Yarra River offers many choices of boats that should match your style. A romantic package would cost 230.00 per gondola Champagne cruise, which also includes a complimentary bottle of champagne and a red rose! With velvet seats and comfy cushions, a cozy romantic ambience is created with soft music under the gentle day or night-light.

If the river is not vast enough, the ocean will do! Take your loved one to the Melbourne Marina for an interesting trip to the dock, where the yacht are parked and the seagulls rest during the day. Located nearby St. Kilda beach, Melbourne Marina should not be hard to spot. Don't forget to take photos with the parked boats to bring some good memories home.

You can also choose to stop being such a tourist and think more like a local! How would a Melbournian spend their romantic getaway in Australia? The answer lies in Canola Fields, a few hours of drive away from the city. With the start of Spring, comes the blooming of Canola fields across Victoria. From your left and right, there will be nothing but vast yellow colored field. It is just an endless sea of yellow where breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Don’t go too far off Melbourne because there are more romantic places to discover within the city! What about a little picnic at the Swan Picnic Area? Enjoy the soothing breeze of the wind and the enchanting view of Albert Park Lake while eating a few cupcakes with your partner.


These places made it to our list of romantic places in Melbourne. Although most of the time you will be lost in your partner’s eyes, still, these places would make your holiday photos even more mesmerizing.