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What's Your Winter Holiday Destination?
08 Dec 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

With so many promos, options and travel wishes, we are often spoiled for choice that a decision-making is way more difficult than it should. That’s why, SweetEscape wants to play your “virtual travel assistant” for once and narrow down how year end really differs in most of the world’s favorite destinations. And it’s not as hard as you’d think either! Basically, everything boils down to weather and city vibes that you’re looking for.

We have it sorted and simplified, so you can easily lock down your next year-end target. Ready?

Sun is Always Shining

December doesn’t always have to mean super chilly weather or snowy white. On the contrary, some of the world’s best destinations have an all year-round sunny season where you can suntan with ease and not worry about packing. Take Bali for example, this prime location is #1 on every traveler’s hot list because of its beauty in both nature and weather.

So if you always dread cold temperature or not a fan of bulky winter clothing, opt for a tropical year-end where you can relax, party, and spend your December holiday with festivities from sunrise till the stars come up.

You might enjoy these destinations:

by Shawn for SweetEscape in Melbourne

by Aldo for SweetEscape in Bali

by Patpong for SweetEscape in Chiang Mai

Snow, snow and snow

Yeap, to some of us- particularly Asians, snow is an elusive wonder; something to be ticked off our ultimate travel wishlist. December is a precious time of the year where snow graces the earth with this marvellous wonder and only a few are immune to its charm.

There is also something so magical about walking amidst the winter wonderland. The world quiets down till what you hear is your own beating heart and rapid breathing. And nothing beats the warmth of being in a room filled with great foods, hot drinks and company from your loved ones.

How about cozying up in places like this?

by Tina for SweetEscape in Kakslauttanen

by Tina for SweetEscape in Kakslauttanen

by Niseko for SweetEscape in Niseko

Somewhere In Between

Not a fan of both extremes? Fret not, we got something in between. Cities such as Tokyo or Hong Kong offer a nice balance for you who want to taste a little bit of both. The weather is not going to be freezing cold with even a slight chance of snow. You still need to be bundled up in warm clothing, but again, nothing too extreme.

Maybe, somewhere like these cities?

by Hendry for SweetEscape in Seoul

by for SweetEscape in New York

by Aleksandra for SweetEscape in London

One thing for sure, you can expect a lot of festivities in such locations where people still gather around town and celebrate year end in the spirit of togetherness.

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