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You will never be as young as you are today. Go on that holiday!
16 Jan 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

They say that life is a trip and you should always plan your next vacation. Whether you’re a family person, in a relationship or a solitary type - one thing that we can all agree on is that holiday is the highlight of life, something that enriches our soul and broadens our horizon.

A holiday is not just a great time to have a change of scenery and avoid monotony, but it’s proven to have a beneficial effect on your stress level. Even when you experience slight stress before or during the travel, it is still considered as positive stress that is different with the kind of anxiety caused by work or daily pressure.

Other perks of holiday also range from getting more active in new and exciting outdoors, trying new exotic culinary you won’t find in your hometown, learning different cultures, to meeting new people and getting socializing therapy you need in your life.

But perhaps, the most amazing reason for traveling is the opportunity to bond and to create memorable experiences!

Think your relationship is too dull? Put the spark of romance by going away, just the two of you. Miss having a fun family moment? Just arrange a quick trip for your family bonding time. Need to jumpstart your single life? Travel far and get fresh life perspectives immediately.

These moments of happiness, adventure and discovery is something that is beyond precious and priceless. When you spend the time with people you love or doing the thing you enjoy, you’re gaining something wonderful in return. These happy memories are not something money can buy or easily replaced with other material things in life.

If given a special power, wouldn’t a lot of us wish to be able to preserve happy precious moments? We want to freeze time or turn back the clock, for just one more chance - one more moment.

The good news, however, is that the beauty of a memory can still be preserved, the best way that mankind knows how - through photography. For everyone at SweetEscape, photography is not just about that one particular moment you experience when you’re on holiday, but one that persists way long after you’ve come home. It is a memory that will last forever.

Imagine holding beautifully captured candid photos, of you and your loved ones, in the world’s best destination - and we dare you to not feel that instant joy that immediately uplifts your spirit. So even if you don’t posses that special power of freezing time, you can have the next best thing for your holiday, a tangible memory in the form of a SweetEscape photograph.

by Joan for SweetEscape in Sydney

by Laetitia for SweetEscape in Quebec City

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