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1-Hour or 2-Hour Photo Shoot: Which One is Perfect For Your Moment

SweetEscape is the global online on-demand photography platform that connects you to thousands of local professional photographers in more than 500 cities around the world. As you may have known, SweetEscape offers two types of packages for our cities: 2-hour photo shoot, which is available in most of our cities around the world, and 1-hour photo shoot, which is available in more cities than ever this year.

Wondering which package is suitable for you? Worry not, and read on to see what each package offers for you!

by Deo for SweetEscape in Batu

1-Hour Photo Shoot

With more and more cities having a 1-hour photo shoot package, you might be interested in this more affordable and less time consuming photo shoot setting. The 1-hour session is perfect for you who don't have a lot of free time in your schedule, or want to do a solo and casual shoot because you won't feel too exhausted after your session is done. It is also perfect for you who are doing the shoot with your young children, for the one hour period won't bore them too much.

by Alex for SweetEscape in Fukuoka
by Alex for SweetEscape in Fukuoka

The 1-hour session will allow you to have a session in one main location and its surrounding area if you and your photographer are quick enough. Don't forget to ask your local photographer about which spot to do your session before the shooting day, and you can make use of the 1-hour session to its maximum potential. In 48 hours after the session, you'll get around 50 edited photos, 20 of which you can download freely.

2-Hour Photo Shoot

Available in all of our cities, the 2-hour photo shoot package is the most complete package SweetEscape has to offer. If you're doing the session with a big group, this is the perfect option for you, because everyone will get enough time to be in the frames. It is also good for you who want to explore multiple shooting locations or if you're shooting in a large area such as national parks or a big natural landscape, because the 2 hour period will allow you to get many photo spots captured.

by Vera for SweetEscape in Dubai

For events and pre-wedding shots, the 2-hour photo shoot will allow you to get the most out of your session, covering most of the event and also giving you lots more photos to choose for your pre-wedding album. As usual, in 48 hours after the session, you'll get around 100 edited photos, and you can download 40 of them freely.

by Alex for SweetEscape in Fukuoka

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