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4 Recommended Tips to Strengthen Friendship in 2021!
30 Jul 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Happy International Friendship Day! Taking place annually on every 30 July, it’s an important time to remember the important bond that you share with your friends. Especially given the challenge recent year has been, having your friends by your side and facing though it together means a lot!

To commemorate this special moment, here are 4 recommended tips so you can strengthen the spirit of friendship 2021!

Tip #1: Actively Listen!

by Ernesto for SweetEscape in Boracay

Small gestures can make a big impact. Especially nowadays when people can go days without speaking to each other or only speaking with family or spouse, asking your friend how they’re feeling and actively listening to what they have to share can be a powerful statement!

Tip #2: Schedule Time For Catch Up

by Haris for SweetEscape in New York
by Saleh for SweetEscape in Bandung

Sparing time for others is a commitment, yet it’s also an important part of friendship. Despite restrictions on house visits or public gatherings in various parts of the world, don’t forget to meet up virtually once in a while for a catch up. It reflects your care and willingness for them. This even allows the opportunity to reconnect with lost contacts!

Tip #3: Encourage Their Goals and Aspirations

by Ashton for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

Many people have dreams and plans for 2020 and upcoming years that fell by the wayside due to the pandemic. If your friend’s one of them, encourage them to revisit their original goals and keep pressing forward, offer help to them in any way possible.

Tip #4: Try Something New Together!

by Mei for SweetEscape in Bali

Learning something new with someone you care about is always a great way to deepen your relationship. Plenty of new things can be experienced together while assuring comfort and safety, such as virtual hangouts with various communities, streaming a series in tandem, or preparing a future SweetEscape session when the time’s right for you both!

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