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5 Photography Trends to Watch in 2022 For Your Upcoming Photoshoot Inspiration
21 Jan 2022INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

New year, new beginnings! As the new year approaches, the trends in the photography industry are also beginning to change. It brings its own uniqueness and characteristics that could be an inspiration to everyone. So what are the current trends for 2022? Let’s dive into the list!

Relaxed Wedding Photography

by Cathy for SweetEscape in Perth

Wedding photography trends have always captured people's attention. However, since the pandemic the trends are shifting where people are no longer taking pictures of a formal and large wedding. Instead, bridal couples are more interested in a smaller, intimate, and relaxed wedding because it creates a more meaningful photo.

Self Care Moments

by Aldo for SweetEscape in Bali
by Kristanto for SweetEscape in Bali
by Mei for SweetEscape in Bali

Who thought that self-care photos would become popular in 2022? There are a lot of things that we can do for our self care activities such as exercising, doing beauty routines, or spending time with loved ones. It can also include body positivity, healthy relationships, and healthy lifestyle.

Diversity in a Frame

by Haris for SweetEscape in New York
by Diana for SweetEscape in Las Vegas
by Ole for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

Cultural diversity is becoming more important in today’s world. More and more people are starting to embrace diversity and taking photographs out of it. You can always create a memorable photoshoot on this theme with your friends, families, or significant other.

Family Photoshoot

by Randy for SweetEscape in Singapore
by Randy for SweetEscape in Singapore

Pandemic has changed the way we spend quality time. Nowadays, family time is more important than ever! Thus, taking a picture together with family could be one of the best ways to strengthen your bonds and rebuild your relationship.

Candid Poses

by Janos for SweetEscape in Siargao

Candid poses does not have to be awkward! You can take a picture while chatting with your friends, eating together, or even just enjoying every small moment everyday. The more relaxed you are, the more natural and beautiful your picture will be.

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