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5 Pre-Wedding Concept Clichés You Should Avoid
23 Sep 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Is your pre-wedding escapade just around the corner? With the wedding bells getting closer and ringing louder, for those of you engaged, you're probably planning on having your pre-wedding with your significant other. On the downside, you're probably thinking about the "social expectations" that you have to consider and apply unto your own pre-wedding session. SweetEscape is here to make you feel all better with 5 pre-wedding cliches that you need to realize and avoid for a much greater experience!

1. It has to be fancy, lavish & fairytale-like

According to popular belief, your pre-wedding is better when it's all lavish and fancy. It has to be somewhere entirely expensive, and perhaps you would have to allocate a certain (big) percentage in order to afford the expenses needed for your pre-wedding. Transportation? You should hire only the most fanciest car possible. Venue? Somewhere extremely fairytale-like that people within your networks would be envious of your pre-wedding.

by Silvia for SweetEscape in Venice

TRUTH IS: You don't need all of that fancy-pantsy Cinderella story (if you would prefer to have it otherwise). Follow your heart, and if lavish and fancy aren't your cup of tea - simply dont conform to the popular belief and just be yourself. Want to have it as plain but as meaningful as possible? Why not? Don't fall for unrealistic expectations of people.

2. It has to be somewhere you've never been before

When it comes to your pre-wedding, you would often be told of or even become intimidated by pre-weddings of others. Perhaps you've seen on your Instagram and Facebook feeds that your friends have recently had their pre-wedding in the exotic land of Morroco, or perhaps in the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. It then all appealed to your mind that you, also, should have your pre-wedding somewhere in the faraway lands that you've never seen before.

by William S. for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by William S. for SweetEscape in Jakarta

TRUTH IS: It doesn't have to be! Whether you'd like to go back to the place you had your very fist date together in that little coffee shop in your neighborhood, or as simple as going to the park you both love so much - we find that to be way more meaningful! Sure, exploring a place somewhere new together can be a lot of fun. But, at the end of the day, it's the meaning that matters. We guarantee you it's so much better when you've got an emotional attachment to a certain place that reminds you so much of your significant other.

3. You have to dress up as if you're the king and queen of the world

A big gown, your hair done in the most formal up-do ever, with your face transformed into a face you yourself can barely even recognize. Due to that, you would have to rent the most expensive gown that you and your pocket could afford in order to make your pre-wedding dreams come true. Your pre-wedding day is all about dressing up and looking like a fine dime with your significant other.

by Mizuki for SweetEscape in Tokyo

TRUTH IS: You should wear anything and whatever you like, afterall, it's your pre-wedding! Whether you prefer to dress it all the way up, or dress it down to be more casual - there is no rule as to how you should dress it up! Remember, it's the meaning behind the pre-wedding itself that matters.

4. Your poses have to always be proper for photographs

The overly-done poses, with the big smile on your faces (while deep inside, you're struggling to keep your body at a certain angle for the shoot), all for a photoshoot for your long awaited pre-wedding.

by Max for SweetEscape in Paris
by Max for SweetEscape in Paris

TRUTH IS: Keep it natural! Have you ever seen those couples who don't try so hard to look like they have that chemistry going on - because they have it naturally? That's exactly what you should aim for! The more natural you are with your poses, the more people can tell the real emotions behind you and your partner... that's what matters afterall, right?

5. You have to re-enact the initial proposal

One of the most important thing to do during your pre-wedding session, is to reenact your initial proposal for documentation. How else would people get the idea that you're engaged to your loved one? Your friends do it all the time, and you can simply just fake it and pretend as if it were the first time ever that you got proposed to.

by Dicky for SweetEscape in Sumba

TRUTH IS: No need for all of that! Even without the reenactment of your initial proposal, people will already get the idea that it's your pre-wedding and that you're getting hitched. Unless you really wanted to, the whole reenactment isn't as necessary as you think it is.

by Deffry for SweetEscape in Sydney
by Deffry for SweetEscape in Sydney

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