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6 Things You Should be Excited About This Autumn
10 Sep 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

If there is a season that seems to come so quickly and fly by the fastest... it would be the autumn season. The fall time is undeniably one of the best seasons there is to exist, and we would bet that (almost) everyone agrees with us! For those of you who aren't much of an autumn fan... we'll give you some extremely great reasons for you to look forward to the fall days:

1. Those Darker Monochrome-Fall Colors

Goodbye summer rompers and itty-bitty clothings, and say hello to the darker colors, scarves and leggings! While summer is great and all... there is always a yearning for the fall season to come and sweep us away from the long hot summer days, transitioning to the cold winter days. Since summer is over, the bright summer colors we would wear are placed back into our closets, switching them to our darker collection of clothing. Let's face it, we're better in monochrome colors, anyway! For the love of maroon, black, white, grey, navy blue and everything dark - the season of fall is definitely the perfect time of the year to boast those wonderful and calming colors!

by Bryando for SweetEscape in Nami Island
by Bryando for SweetEscape in Nami Island

2. Pumpkin-spice-EVERYTHING

One of the best parts of fall - is the return of Starbucks' (and almost every popular coffee chains around) pumpkin-spice beverage menu. No matter where you are, and if you're lucky enough to be privileged with a local Starbucks chain just around the block... you'll be able to relate to what we mean. You've got to admit it, when you take a sip of that nice hot pumpkin-spiced latte... you just taste fall somehow, as ridiculous as it sounds.

by Ega for SweetEscape in Lake Kawaguchi

3. Changing Colors of Leaves

Our next favorite thing about the falltime is definitely the changing colors of the leaves. From what used to be luscious green, the leaves transform to shades of orange and brown, while occasionally presenting the leftover greens awaiting for their own transition. For some reason, these colors seem to always create the perfect ambience and atmosphere for any vacation, providing the perfect mixture of color shades to enlighten the mood of whoever is experiencing it.

by Jaydine / Geraldine for SweetEscape in Hakone
by Jaydine / Geraldine for SweetEscape in Hakone

4. Everything Is On Sale Again!

The change of season is always a great time. When you hit up your local shopping outlet, you'll be surrounded by numerous sales at your favorite clothing stores - and that's NEVER a bad thing! Our tip for you is, stock up on those summer sale items for the next year, and you'll be thankful for doing so - it means spending less, hence saving more!

by Cristina for SweetEscape in Edinburgh

5. Fall Food And Dishes Galore!

Pumpkin pies and soups, carrot cakes, turkey dishes and thanksgiving meals... what more can we ask for? The autumn season is definitely a great time to savor on some wonderful soul-pleasing meals and dishes to fulfill your tastebuds. From a simple cup of warm coffee or hot cocoa, to your favorite recipe of pumpkin pie that your grandma likes to make - such simple dishes are guaranteed to elevate your fall mood extremely well.

by Haris for SweetEscape in New York
by Haris for SweetEscape in New York

6. Fall Places Throughout The Season

Aside from the fall things... don't forget about fall/autumn places! Almost anywhere you go during the fall time, we guarantee you'll be in awe by the splendid views that the season has in store for you. In countries that change in seasons, you're bound to experience a wondrous feeling in the fall time. At times, autumn can even remind you of the cycle of life in general - how everything goes around, and that there is a time for everything. There is spring, signifying the blooming of life, summer to signify the hottest and most prime moment in life, the fall as a transitioning phase... and finally, the cold snowy winter days as as symbol of beauty even in the coldest or hardest moments in life.

by Nick for SweetEscape in Banff

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