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5 Studio Shoot Concept Ideas You Can Easily Follow
07 Aug 2020INSPIRATIONBY Cecilya

Now that it’s easier than ever to take photos, everyone can record their lives and create pictures anywhere, any time with either their phone or personal camera. Yet, most of us still opt for a proper way to commemorate the moments, especially if it’s an important milestone or achievement. We all want to look perfect on the proudest days of our lives and a studio photo shoot ensures just that.

This might sound like an outdated tradition to some--with all the stiff poses and boring backgrounds. However, today’s studio shoot offers plenty of creative layouts and aesthetic backgrounds that caters to a younger audience a.k.a. us, millennials. And with a SweetEscape photographer that handles your photo shoot, you’ll definitely have a fun session. No more standing in a row, we will have a pillow fight and dance around the studio--bringing out the best smiles and beauty in you!

Planning to have a studio shoot soon? Here are 5 concept ideas you can easily follow for your studio shoot that fits for any occasion:

Negative Space

All-things minimalistic is storming the market ever since Ikea took over the world. Simple is best and emptiness is pleasing. The clean blank slate offers a modern aesthetic feel and makes you the center of attention. With a simple outfit and just a little bit of props, you can turn your photos into a piece of art.

by Denni for SweetEscape in Surabaya
by Nicholas for SweetEscape in Jakarta

by Nicholas for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Getting Cozy

This will be the direct opposite of what you know as the “traditional” studio shoot. Candid moments and natural poses will be the highlight of this concept and to achieve that, you’ll need to get cozy. No fancy dresses, dress down and just have fun! If you’re a camera-shy person, don’t worry, our photographer will melt down the tension and they might give a funny face once or twice so that you can have that big smile ready to be framed. This is a favorite among young couples because it captures real emotions and focuses on the love between them.

by Saleh for SweetEscape in Bandung

by Iqbal for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Traditional Tales

One should be proud of their own culture, so for this concept, bring out the best traditional outfit that you have! Most photo studios these days offer a traditional-themed background with props, however, any kind of background will do as long as you put on that beautiful traditional outfit. Don’t be afraid to go all out because the whole room is yours!

by Marie for SweetEscape in Surabaya
by Marie for SweetEscape in Surabaya

by Fadheil for SweetEscape in Medan

Glam It Up!

This is where the fun of dressing up begins. Go wear that fancy dress you’ve never worn before and transform yourself into superstars for your photo shoot. A flowy dress will be elegant while a cocktail dress will sure be glamorous. However, do wear the things that you love and make sure it’s comfortable.

by Reza for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Joe S for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Color Pop

Playing with colors is risky business but it sure does make you stand out from the crowd. Use the color wheel to decide on which outfit suits you best. If you’re new to this color game, start with pastel softer colors to avoid mayhem. You can always ask the photographer to help you with deciding your outfit’s color palette. Trust in their artsy eyes and years of experience!

by Vandy for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Reza for SweetEscape in Jakarta

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