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Photography Trends for Your New Normal Wedding Journey
30 Jul 2020INSPIRATIONBY Natasha

The COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to not end anytime soon. Because of this very reason, couples that have planned their wedding this year need to postpone and alter their plans, adapting to the New Normal concept. Not only does it affect the wedding receptions but also the moments that lead to the D-day, from proposal, pre-wedding, engagement, even bridal shower--all is changed.

According to David Soong, a key player in the wedding photography industry for over 20 years and also CEO & Co-Founder of SweetEscape, the wedding journey in the next 6 months is predicted to be more intimate with a limited number of guests. For couples who are searching for New Normal Wedding photo shoot inspirations, we’ve collected the upcoming photo shoot trends according to David Soong that are simple, intimate, yet still memorable.

‘Out of The Box’ Proposal

When trend changes, proposal moments or traditions will still be a beautiful moment to be captured. If before the pandemic, these moments are mostly done while traveling, in a concert, parties, or even a romantic candlelight dinner, now you can do your proposal in a more simple way.

Proposal moments can be done wherever, inside a car, in front of the house, or when you and your sweetheart is lounging in the backyard with closest friends and loved ones. A location as modest as a supermarket can even be perfect for a proposal in this New Normal era. It will definitely be a unique and unforgettable experience for the both of you.

by Kevin for SweetEscape in Jakarta

by Iqbal for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Iqbal for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot in The City

After proposing, comes the pre-wedding moment. Before the pandemic, SweetEscape is trusted by all in capturing all kinds of pre-wedding photo shoot in well-known destinations around the world, such as Bali, Bandung, Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, Cappadocia, and London.

However, with the current situation, pre-wedding photo shoots can be done in a studio or other locations that are closer to home. You and your partner can create a concept that resonates with each of your passion and hobbies.

by Marche for SweetEscape in Sydney
by Nicholas for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Intimate Wedding

If we’re talking about The Big Day, a.k.a. the wedding reception, in this pandemic time, there will be a series of health protocols that need to be followed. During the ceremony itself, you can only fill the space with 50% capacity. Guests who are attending must wear a facemask, going through body-temperature check procedure, and wash their hands using provided sanitary products before entering the hall. Other than that, weddings in the New Normal era will heavily involve video streaming platforms or video conferences for close family members and friends who can’t join the ceremony.

With the health protocols in place, David believes young couples today need to reconsider the plan of having extravagant weddings. “Considering the current situation, wedding receptions will now only cater to 10, 50, to 200 guest max. The most important part is the love union between the bride and groom, not how many guests that are invited or how big the celebration will be,” said David.

by Hisham for SweetEscape in Singapore

SweetEscape photographers have followed healthy protocols according to the information provided by the World Health Organization. Safety and hygiene will be the #1 priority for all photographers. During the photo shoot, they will constantly wear facemasks and clean their equipment with sanitary products before and after the session.

Now that the wedding photography trend changes into a simpler intimate concept, couples who are looking forward to their wedding day no longer need to book the photographers for a whole day. This is why SweetEscape is perfect for your intimate wedding moments because we offer a 2-hour and 4-hour photo shoot package in every destination in Indonesia.

You can book your SweetEscape pre-wedding and intimate wedding session with ease complete with a competitive price. Starting from USD 250 for a pre-wedding studio shoot and USD 300 for your intimate wedding moments. Weddings are one of the most important life milestones and SweetEscape is ready to adapt accordingly to your New Normal wedding photography needs.