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On A Tight Budget? Here Are Fun Things To Do That Won't Empty Your Wallet!
15 Aug 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

On a tight budget? This month's pay only comes in another week but you're dying for some much needed stress-relief? Don't worry! We're here to ease your mid-month blues by listing these five super-fun things you can do this week to help you last until the end of the month, without breaking the bank!

by Jeffrey for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

1. Be Healthy! Do Some Exercise at Your City's Sports Hub

by Reza for SweetEscape in Jakarta

One of the best things you can do to yourself is to keep your body healthy, and surprise... Being healthy doesn't always mean that you need to spend a lot of money! Use your free time after office hours to go to the nearest sports hub or your city's stadium and simply do a slow jog around the place. Some sports hub and stadiums also have bike rental services for a very affordable price, so there's another option. No matter what type of exercise you do, the key is consistency! Don't forget to get your friends and workmates to join you! Other than strengthening the bond you have with your colleagues, when you exercise with more people, usually the more motivation you'll get to continue to be healthy!

2. Surprise Yourself: Explore The Hidden Gems of Your City

by Terrix for SweetEscape in Singapore
by Hisham for SweetEscape in Singapore

Sometimes, because of our busyness, we don't have the time to explore the city we live in. Many new developments or interesting, historical spots were overlooked because we never explore them. This weekend, instead of going to the usual shopping malls (which will encourage you to shop, naturally), why not go to these hidden spots in your city? Do your research online, plan your trip, and just go! You'd be surprised to discover spots and things you've never known existed before in your own city, and it will undoubtedly make your life happier.

3. Expand Your Tastebuds: Do a Street Food Exploration!

by Jeffrey for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

While exploring the hidden gems of your city, you'll undoubtedly find some exciting street food options! You might not think that your city is one of the go-to places for street food adventure like Bangkok, Yogyakarta, Osaka, or Hong Kong, but we believe that every city have their own unique street food options; no matter where you are! Street foods will expand your tastebuds experience with some , and are surely cheaper than eating in a restaurant!

4. Chill at Home!

by Sam for SweetEscape in Singapore

The best way to keep your wallet (and yourselves) safe from temptation to shop is to simply spend some quality-me-time at home. Of course you can do the famous 'Netflix-and-Chill' trick, or simply read some quality books to expand your knowledge. You can even try to cook that recipe you've been wanting to cook but haven't got the chance... Well, now is the time! You'll be surprised at how many activities you can do simply by staying at home.

5. Spend Some Time With Like-Minded Minds

by Reza for SweetEscape in Jakarta

It is always great to spend some time with people who share the same passion with you! Whether it is for sports, food, books, or games, spending time talking and sharing your passion with these people is always fun! Join in a new community if you haven't, and explore your hobbies together, and plan on what to do next (after pay-day) with them! This is a good way to enlarge your circle of friends and also network!

by Alexandra for SweetEscape in London

Whatever you do for fun and whichever community you join in, celebrate your moments together with SweetEscape! We capture any moment, from the little ones to the big ones, easy and fast. We're here #ForEvery moment, so book your session today and let's #makelifememorable!