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Eid Al Fitr is in 10 days, Here is The List of Things You Need to Prepare!
12 Apr 2023INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Eid Al Fitr celebrations can vary from one country to another. But the peak of Eid is that you get to visit and get in touch with your big family, relatives from another country or cities, friends, and of course visit your loved ones who are already gone. Here is the list of things you need to prepare to make your Eid even merrier and livelier!!

Think of What Food & Drinks You Will Serve on The Day

Food preference can alter differently based on the person’s taste or ethnicity. But you have to keep in mind that during Eid, your families and relatives will come to visit your house. To honor their presence, you will have to serve food and drink to them. Usually, most people serve Indonesian pastries such as pastel, kue kering, food punch, etc. For the main course, food specialties during Eid are ketupat, chicken opor, and many more.

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Another Eid, Another New Clothes!

Eid is notable for having new clothes, whether for yourself or for the rest of the family. However, new clothes are optional, you can still wear other clothes that are still proper and decent. But people sometimes think every year on Eid Al Fitr is like opening a new book, you want to start something new and fresh. So it’s no wonder that many people put the cost of new clothes to the list of Eid Al Fitr necessities that they cannot miss. P.S. your new Eid attire will also look good on your social media post, right?

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Giving Hampers to Your Closest Ones

Ramadhan is a blessed month and the act of generosity such as, sharing food for breaking fast with loved ones and volunteering to deliver food to those in need, giving hampers before Eid can be one of the signs to show your gratitude to your closest ones. You can give hampers or gifts to work colleagues, relatives, and loved ones. Even though it is not mandatory to do, it would be nice to show that you care about them.

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