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SweetEscape Tips - Japan's Sakura Secrets You Need To Know!
16 Mar 2023INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

It is no secret that SweetEscape’s photographers are not only great with cameras, they also have all the best insider tips about their cities! This sakura season, let’s get the best tips from SweetEscape photographers in Japan!

Timing is Everything

by Michael for SweetEscape in Tokyo

The first question that comes to everyone's mind when it comes to sakura is when is the best time to go see the bloom. Unless you plan to stay in Japan for a very long time, it is always important to time your sakura moment perfectly. In this case, the best period to go see sakura is definitely the last week of March until the first week of April. This is the most common timing for sakura trees to reach full bloom, so you’re guaranteed to witness some of the best ones during this period!

Unique Sakura Spots

If you want to enjoy the beautiful sakura trees to the fullest, visiting touristy sakura spots might not be the best option, because it would definitely be crowded. Don’t worry! Our photographers have listed down some unique sakura spots as an alternative to you!

The Philosopher’s Path

by Danica for SweetEscape in Osaka

Crowd level: High

Approximately 2 kilometers long, this path is always exploding with colors, thanks to the sakura-lined walkway of hundreds of cherry blossom trees. Inspired by one of Japan’s most famous philosophers, this inspiring spot is all about zen and calming tranquility, although it can still get pretty crowded during the peak days of sakura season.

Inokashira Park

by Kan for SweetEscape in Tokyo

*Crowd level: Medium - High

The vast park is home to about 500 cherry trees and about half of them are planted around the large Inokashira pond. You can rent a boat and paddle along the large pond and get up close to the cherry blossoms which bloom around the perimeter of the pond!

Nara Park

by Rio for SweetEscape in Osaka
by Rio for SweetEscape in Osaka

Crowd level: Medium-High

Here’s a park that offers you a unique experience. Nara Park is filled with loveable deers roaming through the park, they bow their heads to visitors as a sign of asking for crackers from Visitors! You can have your moments captured while feeding them, and the scenery is even more beautiful during the Sakura season!

Sewari Tei

by Albert for SweetEscape in Osaka

Crowd level: Low-Medium

Located among the three rivers of Kizu, Uji and Katsura, Sewari Tei is a popular cherry blossom spot with over 250 trees in place. This place is magnificent since it’s surrounded by a low wall of grass, giving you a sensation of walking in a cherry tunnel all along the park.

Be Early for Your Sakura Photoshoot

by Thu for SweetEscape in Tokyo

Everyone wants to experience the best sakura moments–and everyone wants to take a lot of pictures, including you! This means it can be hard to find your best moments under the cherry trees if you come during the peak hours. Our photographers recommend getting to the destination early, so fewer people will block the view.

Prepare for Picnic

by Kan for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Albert for SweetEscape in Osaka

To celebrate sakura in spring, having a picnic is one of the must-do activities! Get your tarp and food ready, along with some favorite drinks such as sake or other beverages, to enjoy the mood all around. Festivals are all the rage too during hanami season, with food stalls, decorations, game activities, and plenty more provided in the area.

Celebrate Spring All Around Japan

Tokyo is definitely not the only region in Japan that boasts excellent sakura. In fact, each region has its own signature view that you don’t want to miss and can’t get enough of! Our photographers also highly recommend Kyoto, Osaka, Furano at Hokkaido, Sapporo, and also Hiroshima at Chugoku!

by Albert for SweetEscape in Kyoto

Hokkaido, which is located on the northernmost island of Japan, is the last city to warm up in the spring. As a result, Hokkaido’s cherry blossoms bloom in late April, making it perfect for you to arrange your travel schedule!
by Tota for SweetEscape in Sapporo, Hokkaido
by Kouta for SweetEscape in Sapporo, Hokkaido

SweetEscape is an online platform that connects you with local photographers in over 500 cities around the world. Cherish the blossom this sakura season with SweetEscape! Smile! We’re here to capture your sakura moments! Book your photoshoot now!