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Escape to Traditional Market
29 Oct 2017INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

With shopping malls dominating the cities, traditional markets have lost its popularity. It is unfortunate because markets reflect the culture and traditions that should be maintained. Visiting a traditional market is a fun activity for locals and tourists because you can find many local food and products at a good price. For those who love haggling, markets are great venues to sharpen your skills.

What’s great about markets is the pop of colour you will get from the merchandise in the stalls. Imagine taking photos against the rainbow-like fabrics as you decide which ones to buy or the whimsical wooden trinkets hanging from the ceiling.

The market is full of locals and activities. The buzz and the energy can be contagious. There is that lady shopkeepers laughing with her friend, free-spirited dogs running, and tourists looking around in awe at the endless possibilities of shopping. Have a candid photograph taken while you are haggling or talking to the locals or trying out the merchandise.

Some markets are dedicated to selling food and drinks. Imagine how your stomach will thank you for filling it up with the freshest and delicious local delicacies. Have a photo taken as you joyfully feed your loved one tasty food while they grin with both happiness and shyness.

Markets offer endless possibilities that lead to wonderful holiday memories. It is simple yet happy moments like these that make a holiday unforgettable.

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