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Here’s A Reminder: Do What Makes You Happy!
24 Mar 2024INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Happiness is something that everyone deserves and should strive for. Everyone’s happiness is unique, which is why no traditions are set in stone for how to celebrate it. Nevertheless, there are 3 concepts to finding happiness that are essential to obtaining a satisfying life.

We’ll share with you what they are, and some ideas to achieve it!

Feeling Contentment

by Dalvin for SweetEscape in Melbourne
by Dung for SweetEscape in Tokyo

Feeling content means being at peace with your life and your decisions. To feel more contentment in life, try to do more acts of service for your loved ones! It may look like a bunch of small deeds, but it will eventually become a mountain of goodness!

Being in Control

by Jave for SweetEscape in Melbourne
by Rainhard for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Being in control means feeling able to make meaningful decisions and that nothing, within reason, has the power to overwhelm you. Ease yourself first by doing exercises that ease your mind. It is not only productive, but it can also filter out bad thoughts such as excessive worries.

Finding Alignment

by Anna for SweetEscape in Kyoto
by Carolina E for SweetEscape in Paris

Feeling aligned means that the person you want to be, and the person you are being out there in the world, are the same. It happens when your inner values and your day-to-day actions match up. Take time to sit and reflect. List out your ideal values, and do hobbies that support your values. Like for example, creativity through capturing moments!

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