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Tips for Your Valentine's Date Based on Your Love Language!
11 Feb 2024INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Valentine’s Day, a day to spend with your dearly beloved, is coming soon! But how would you celebrate it? To give a good start, you can take love language into account! Here are some tips from us for considering the love language of your other half for your Valentine’s date, and why you can celebrate it with SweetEscape!

Quality Time

by Dario for SweetEscape in Osaka
by Maria for SweetEscape in Barcelona

Giving undivided attention to your loved one shows how much they matter to you, and doing activities together that you both love can deepen the bond. A photoshoot can be a great idea as it allows you to enjoy your favorite things to do together on your date, and leave with an everlasting impression!

Words of Affirmation

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On your date, tell your loved one a compliment that you haven’t told him or her before! Doing so can trigger happy emotions that come out of his or her genuine reaction, which you can capture for memories.

Physical Touch

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What makes a good reason to express your feelings through a hug or a kiss? Doing it when you’re taking photos to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Having a photoshoot means you can be as close to your dearly beloved as possible!

Act of Service

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While the act of doing something to help your loved one who has this love language will touch their heart, it’s the thought that counts. For Valentine’s Day, don’t miss out on booking a romantic dinner, expressing many acts of kindness, and having the memories captured adds to the thoughtfulness of it!


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Having this love language doesn’t necessarily mean being materialistic, a partner would love it because you had them in mind while buying the gift. SweetEscape session is the perfect surprise for your Valentine’s Day activity so your partner can express all his / her love languages and have photos for a treasure of memories!

Let’s capture your lovely memories this Valentine’s Day! SweetEscape connects you to local professional photographers in 500+ cities worldwide who can capture every moment. Smile, we're here!