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How to Be Less Awkward During Photoshoots!
17 Feb 2023INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Everyone loves beautiful photos, but not everyone loves getting their photos taken. In fact, doing a photoshoot session might be a daunting task for some people! How to be relaxed? How to not look stiff? How to smile naturally? All of these concerns might even make some of you dread a SweetEscape session!

Don’t worry! We firmly believe that a photoshoot session is supposed to be a fun occasion, especially when it is captured by SweetEscape! To help you feel more at ease the next time you step in front of a SweetEscape photographer’s camera lens, here’s a few tips from us!

Have Your Most Trusted Ones Beside You!

by James for SweetEscape in Singapore
by Terrix for SweetEscape in Singapore

If you feel nervous doing a photoshoot alone, why not bring along someone for the shoot? Your besties, your family members, even your pets can make you feel more confident during a photoshoot. Having someone else with you during the session will also give you more pose options, so the results will definitely turn out better!

Plan Ahead. Purpose Builds Confidence!

by Yosuke for SweetEscape in Otaru
by Kelvin for SweetEscape in Kyoto

It’s always good to be well-prepared for your photoshoot! Make a photo spots wish list, prepare outfits that match the occasion, and find some pose ideas for your photo session! If you need more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here!

Let Our Photographers Help Out!

by Steven for SweetEscape in Sydney

SweetEscape professional photographers are locally based in your travel destinations, so they definitely know all the best photo spots in the city. Furthermore, they are also experts in guiding you to strike the best poses, so just relax, trust them, and enjoy your SweetEscape session!

Ready to capture your unforgettable moments with SweetEscape? Smile, we’re here! SweetEscape is an online platform that connects you to local professional photographers in 500+ cities around the world. Book your session today!